My Crush (1)

I have a huge crush on Liam Mason. I am always thinking about him, but we hardly talk. I also have a lot going on with my family. Oh and did I forget to mention Liam is dating my sister Emma.

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Chapter 1.

My first day at Clear Lake High School

I woke up to my 7:00 alarm. I realized that it was my first day of high school. I was excited, but also very scared. I am a very smart girl. I am in some classes with my sister Emma. Emma is a sophomore. Emma is so mean to me, but she's popular, and she also has the hottest boyfriend every. LIAM MASON!!!!!! Liam Mason is also a sophomore. He is athletic, and basically good at everything. I secretly have a huge crush on Liam. The problem is, I can't tell anyone, not even my best friend Olivia. I have to hide my secret from everyone. If Emma found out that I liked Liam, well let's not go there, it would not be pretty.
"Oh man it's 7:30! school starts at 8. I better get ready quick."
Once Emma and I were finally ready for school Emma drove us. As Emma and I got out of the car, Liam was close by and ran up to Emma and kissed her, right in front of me. GROSS. As they walked off holding hands, I stood there watching them, I am so jealous.
"Ugh it's time for class" I stated.
I checked my schedule first period was chemistry, second period was algebra 2, third period was spanish 2, fourth period was honors english, fifth period was yearbook, sixth period was choir, and seventh was study hall.
As I entered her Chemistry class, I realized that Emma was in my class.
"Great," said Emma, "Now hear comes my freak of a sister. What do you want Lindsey?"
"I am in this class," I replied.
"What? Isn't chemistry a sophomore class," Emma barked.
"I tested into chemistry, You drove me to the test."
"Whatever," grunted Emma.
I ended up sitting next to Liam's best friend Justin. Justin was one of the cool guys. He played basketball, and football.  Liam on the other hand played basketball, football, and volleyball. I only did cross country and track, which apparently were for the loser high schoolers.
Since it was the first day of school it was only half day so the classes were very short. In chemistry all we got to do was read the syllabus, which was basically all the rules.
"Yes, no more Emma," I thought. "I can now go and enjoy algebra 2."
As I walked away from chemistry toward algebra 2, my sister threw me right into a locker, and it was open, and of course she closed it. Luckily for me I knew how to get out. So I waited a minute and then got out and went straight to my next class.
"OMG," I screamed in my head, "There is no way that I have this class with Liam. AHHHHH."
So of course I did my best to act natural, but knowing me I fail, a lot. So as I was walking toward my seat, I tripped over one of the desk legs, and hit my head on a desk. I must admit it was funny, but soooooooo embarrassing. Of course everyone laughed at me, even Liam.
"Everyone grab a seat and do your best not to trip" laughed Mr. Smith, my algebra 2 teacher.
'OMG, there is no way that Liam is walking over to the empty seat by me, no way" I thought
But I guess there was a way because he sat in the seat right next to me.
"Hey," said Liam.
"Hey," I Replied.
"I'm excited to have a class with you," he said.
"What? Really?" I asked.
"Yeah, your a pretty cool freshman, but it may also be because I am dating your sister," he informed me.
"Hahahaha," I laughed, "Thats what I thought."
"Hello class," said Mr. Smith, "I am looking forward to a great semester of learning, please read through the syllabus tonight as homework, and for the rest of class you can just get to know each other."
"Sweet," I thought to myself, "I can talk to Liam."
"Hey Ryan," I heard Liam say from a distance.
"Well I  guess I won't be talking to him" I thought.
Two minutes later the bell rang and it was time for break.
After break I had spanish 2 with Olivia. So of course we sat next to each other.
During spanish 2 we read through the syllabus and reviewed a few spanish words. After spanish I had honors english, which was an all freshman class. Olivia was in my class again so we sat by each other again. In english we did a packet of grammar and we were told to finish it for homework. :( We also had to read the syllabus for homework too. Once english was done I had lunch.
Lunch was our longest break it was a total of 30 minutes. I sat with my good friends, Rachel, Isabella, Sam, and my best friend, Olivia. All we really did at lunch was eat, and talk about our lives, which were pretty boring.
"Bye guys," i said to my friends, "I am so excited for yearbook."
As i walked into my yearbook class I realized that the class was very small, and our yearbook tended to be really big. I got kind of nervous.
"Hey my yearbook friends," said Mrs. Carlson, "I am very excited for this up coming yearbook. I know that the class is small, but there will be more students joining next semester."
"Weew," I thought, "That's good."
Once yearbook was done I had choir. I was always told I had a beautiful voice, and when I tried out I made the best choir. As I entered the choir room I noticed that once again I was the only freshman in the class.
"Hey class," said Mr. Whitley, "I am looking forward to a great choir year and I hope you are ready to sing loud and proud! Can you all please get out your laptops and go to my website and read the syllabus."
As we were doing that, Mr. Whitley passed out or first song  "All of me," by John Legend.
Once we were done reading the syllabus the bell rang and it was time for my final class which was study hall! I was so happy I got a study hall. My study hall was with my favorite teacher Mrs. Carlson. Once I got there I started working on my homework, and I couldn't believe who walked in the classroom. It was Emma, and Liam. Oh No!!!!!!!!!
Emma walked over to me and said "Please tell me you aren't in this study hall."
"No, I am in this class, Sorry." I replied.
"UGH! Whatever," She scoffed.
Emma then dragged Liam to the corner of the room where they sat and were suppose to do there homework, but they really just talked and kissed.
"This is the worst class ever," I thought to myself, "I was so excited for this class, but now I just do my homework and hear my sister and Liam kissing. EWWWWWWW. (But he is a great kisses ;)
"Finally," I thought to myself, "I can get away from them."
"Hey, I am your ride so meet me and Liam by my car," said Emma.
"Okay, Is Liam coming over?" I asked.
"Yup," she replied.
About five minutes later I went to the car and saw both Liam and Emma in the car making out. Double EWWWW! As I entered the car they stopped and they both gave me an evil look. As we drove home, Liam and Emma were holding hands, and Emma got a call from mom.
" Hey honey," said mom, "I need you to come home right now."
"Okay, we are on our way," responded Emma.
"Thanks," said Mom.
As we got home my mom was crying. Emma told Liam to go upstairs.
"Mom, What's wrong?" I asked.
"Yeah What's up?" asked Emma.
"I just had a doctors appointment, and I was told that I have skin cancer." my mom said.
"No, there's no way this can be true, please tell me your kidding." I told my mom.
"I am so sorry," said Mom.
"Is it bad," asked Emma, " Do they think you will make it"
"It's is really bad, and they told me I have a 20% chance to live," informed mom.
"NOOOOOOO," I cried, "This can't be true, it has to be a mistake."
"I'm so sorry" mom replied crying.
After that discussion Emma went to go tell Liam and I just cried in my room by myself.
That night my dad came home and he already knew. We all cried together and all went to bed early.
It looks like my high school experience won't be the best.

Tell me what you think!!!! Thanks!
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You're really good at writing stories, more please. And i wish u lucky on Liam.
on October 24, 2015
Really good! Please write more soon!
on July 20, 2014
This is awesome!! Write more soon!
on July 08, 2014