Avoid Hackers with these tips!

Avoid Hackers with these tips!

Nothing special. But a reason why they need complicated verification and how to avoid wasting your time.

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So... you might have been looking for a game hack for Clash Royale or Clash of Clans. Maybe Minecraft even when we have add-ons that are totally free now.. at least on PE.

When you go on a website to get a hack, it says you don't have to do anything (unless it is honest there is a "Verification") and "get" to go get what you want. Lets say I was on this site, and could get pretty much the motherload of gems, "sounds like a good deal" I would say. I'd set the gems, gold and elixur I wanted. And now I can Generate. It loads and then says ”We 'need' to make sure your not a robot. Click here to verify!“ Why verification? If you gave out elixur wouldn't Supercell find out anyway? Or any other company?

They want verification.. to steal your money. To call the hell out of you. To maybe even kill you..

Sure. Verify makes sense, and sure robots don't have Emails, but why not just put up a picture with a sign and simply ask us what it fricken says? Robots can't read pictures. The paragraph I said above is why they chose the more complicated.

Writing this, I realised: Maybe game hackers are actually good coders, coded their profile to let them fly in Survival, run a mile in a second, give themselves invincibility. If they are, I sort of respect the fact that they can code, but not how they use it to affect others..

Anyways. If you don't believe me, heres what I saw people want in this complicated verification.

They want your Email
They want your COMPLETE address
They want your Number
They even want your Credit Card ID

Why the credit card ID you will think? It said it was free. If you were little, you'd ask your Mum/Mom why they said Free when you need credit card. (If this actually happens make sure you don't touch it yet. You might be banned from online.) They would say ”Don't do it. It's obviously try to find us.“

All you realise is that its a waste of time. There will never be an actual website for Clash hacks. And besides, you'd be banned by Supercell tomorrow if you had one today.

And 5 Star comments you see? They're made by the person who made this app to motivate you into using this app and give your account. You found this on Youtube? Check the likings. Are they blank? It's because they don't want to show the Dislikes to make your you don't know this is fake. And majority of the comments are Ads for MORE stealing.

All you should know is to never search for hacks again.

But it's never over when it comes to a PC. You can end up with a random Virus on your Computer. Well, I guess thats what Virus Protection is for. My nan gave me her Laptop to play Roblox, a few days later it got a virus. Don't blame me. I just played Roblox Highschool, Zombies, Murder Mystery, and getting used to the controls.

Just never search for hacks again. Okay?

And for any internet thieves reading this, I'd prefer you and your ghost dead. You can go down to double hell. You can be tortured to the bone and shot in the head.
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Oh, and let me exptect you're gonna advertise some useless crap? Cause I WILL report you..
on February 11, 2017