BR: No One Knows What Happened (#11)

Rose gets hit, in her side, and then she makes it worse. On top of that, she has a power, that no one understands. On the bright side, Offenderman is gone, but can Rose stop beating her self up? Or will she succumb to death? Also, I do not own the "surprise" in chapter 3. I can put this here, because no one reads this, and if you do, good for you! Sorry about the last chapter. I really got my heart racing.

published on February 06, 20162 reads 2 readers 0 not completed
Chapter 1.

The Morning

Rose breathed. EJ laid her down. She was panting, hard. "Your side?" She nodded. "Fine. Not now." EJ shrugged. "Fine." She came back to him. They kissed again. She smiled, and pulled away. "EJ, don't leave me. I'll try to not get myself into trouble." EJ nodded. "That would be nice." Rose tried to move, but her side cramped. EJ grabbed it. "You okay?" She smiled, and trembled. "Yeah." She slid down into the sheets. "Just in a little pain." EJ cursed. "I knew it." Rose grabbed his hand. "Hey, it's just fine. I'm fine." She took his hand. EJ smiled. "You sure?" She giggled. "Yes." EJ pulled her closer, and his hand slid up her body. She smiled, and kissed him.
She pulled away, and smiled. EJ pulled her close. She groaned. He smiled. "You're safe with me." She smiled, and he brung her hair onto her back. She smiled, and looked at him. "I went to a little girl, to being lost, to being with you. I love you." EJ replied. "I love you, too." It was about midnight, and No one wanted to bother Rose, so they were left alone. Rose fell asleep. In her dream, Offenderman was being whipped in a room. Laura looked at Rose. "Want to try?" Rose nodded, and took the whip."You hurt me! You tried to take me from my love! Die!" Offenderman cried out, and tried to escape. "No! You will suffer, Black Rose!" Then, she woke up.
EJ was still next to her, and he was dressed, but he had no mask. "Jack..." He nodded. He had her cape, and she put it on. "Thanks..." EJ laughed. "Yeah..." He turned, and she dressed. She got back in bed, and hugged EJ. He was asleep. She smiled, and turned to face the ceiling. She sighed, and her eye closed. Why was she so tired? Someone knocked at the door, and she woke EJ up. "The door." He woke up, and went to the door. Masky came in. "Rose, you try walking last night?" She nodded.
Masky looked like he was going to backhand him. She nodded, and put her hands on her belt. He backed up. She looked at him. "Sorry. Just, please don't give me that look." Masky tilted his head. "Huh?" She shook her head. "Never mind." He came forward, and she kept silent. Something moved, and it wasn't anyone that was in plain sight. EJ and Masky didn't see it. You... Should be fine." He walked out. "You see that?" EJ nodded. "Get out your knives."
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