babes // fem!style one-shot

babes // fem!style one-shot

going to the cemetery (10:27 pm) and? (10:29 pm) you can come (10:30 pm) be there in 10 (10:31 pm) // one-shot

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          kylie (big hair)

                    going to the cemetery
                    (10:27 pm)

(10:29 pm)

                    you can come if you want
                    (10:30 pm)

be there in 10
(10:31 pm)


     The moon is especially bright tonight, despite that it's a mere crescent. It makes the dew on the grass shine, and if this were a mushy poem or love song, I'd say like Kylie's eyes. But this is the real world, and (I hope that) nobody actually thinks like that. Besides, that line has been played to death. If I were going to speak in cheesy poem lines, I'd be more creative than to go for the eyes.

     I hear a whistling noise no too far away, and upon looking in the direction of the source, I see Kylie. As soon as I see her silhouette in the distance, I feel my heart skip about three beats at once. I hate that my body is trying to make me a walking love song.

     When she approaches closer, she stops whistling, grins, and opens her arms. It's almost as if she thinks that maybe, after enough times of it happening, I'll open my arms too. I'm afraid she's mistaken, though.

     She hugs me--tight for a few seconds, then loose. I get a whiff of her hair, and I can't pin down the smell, but it's somewhere between strawberries and apples. Maybe both, I don't know.

     I look her up and down after she lets go of me, simultaneously sitting on the ground. She's sparkling from the moonlight, literally. "Why are you so..."

     Before I can finish my sentence, she finishes for me. "Hot? Thanks, I know." She winks, and I restrain myself from saying anything. "I was planning on going clubbing tonight, but then you texted.

     Kylie sits down on someone's headstone, but I don't say anything about it. There's no point.

     "So..." I begin. "You dropped going out and having actual fun to come and hang out with me at an old cemetery?" I shake my head, and my bangs move out of my eye, but I don't fix it. It's only Kylie, she's seen both of my eyes before. "Somehow, I find that hard to believe."

     She flicks some of her hair out of her face and tuts quietly. "It's really a shame that you think I'd pick a club over you, Raven."

     I don't respond, and we sit in silence. It's not a tense silence, it's comfortable. Like we should stay like this for a while.

     Maybe Kylie did skip 'clubbing' to come see me. Maybe she's not bullshitting me. Has she ever? I reach into my back pocket, pulling out a pack of Marlboros and a lighter as I think about it. Without a second thought, I take out a stick, flip open the lighter, and burn the tip. After a drag, I put the pack and lighter back into my pocket.

     "Is Raven your real name?"

     I silently jump from the sudden break in silence. "What?"

     "I said, is Raven your real name?"

     Shrugging, I look up over her. She's not looking at me, though, she's looking at some faraway lights, which I assume are from the main city. I never noticed that you could see part of those from here. I've always been too busy thinking, I suppose. "I don't know, is Kylie-B your real name?"

     Without hesitating, she simply says, "I asked first." I see a small smirk, despite how dark it is.

     I look away from her and down to the grass, taking a big puff from my cigarette. "No."

     I don't even have to look at Kylie to know that she's unwrapping a piece of gum, just by the faint crinkling sound I hear. "Then what is your real name?"

     "No follow-up questions, please," I say, and Kylie laughs.

     "Alright, then, what'll it take?" She asks, blowing a bubble with that gum of hers right after. I glance over, only to see that she's looking right at me now.

     I lift my hand, and wiggle my finger in a way that says 'come here.' For a minute, I think she couldn't see it, but then she stands up and begins to walk over to my spot on the ground.

     When she steps in front of me, she crouches, making our faces level. "What?" She whispers, most likely because we're so close.

     Without answering, I take an extra long drag from my cigarette, hold it in for a few seconds, and then blow it in her face. Her nose scrunches up, but she giggles, and that's when I decide to answer.

     "Sam," I murmur when the smoke wafts away from her face.

     "Sam?" She asks.

     "That's what I said."

     Kylie pauses, and repeats it under her breath. Eventually, she grins. "Cute--fitting, really. I like it way better than Raven."

     I stub out my cigarette on the ground next to me. "Yeah? Well, I don't. At all." Pausing, I toss the butt to the side. "I believe I asked you a question, too."

     She chuckles, nodding. "Alright, but I think you'll be disappointed with my answer. Yeah, Kylie's my real name."

     "And the B is for..?"

     Now that we're closer together, I can nearly hear her smirk.

     Smugly, Kylie says, "No follow-up questions, please." She tucks some hair behind her ear. "Two can play at that game, Babes."

     I play along, a smile tugging at the corners of my lips. As much as I try to discreetly weigh it down, it won't budge, so I give up. I can only hope that Kyle doesn't notice. "Then what will it take?"

     The smirk on her face quickly morphs into a faux-thinking look. "Hm..." She semi-loudly hums. Then, she must have gotten an idea, as her face (metaphorically) lights up.

     "Do you really wanna know what the B is for?" She asks, raising an eyebrow.

     I shrug. "Sure, why not? I really wanna know," I answer.

     "Well, then," Kylie begins, a layer of cockiness to her tone. "You gotta give me, Kylie-B, a big ol' kiss right here-" She taps her lips, "-and you gotta pretend you like it, too."

     I feel my face start to heat up at the thought of that offer. Why on Earth would she want me--of all people--to do that--of all things?

     When I don't say anything, Kylie inches closer to me. "I'm waiting," she sings.

     I inhale deeply, blinking slowly. I know what the B is for, it's her last name, she told me last winter. I don't have to do this, I could just tell her that I know right now, and it would be over. But, for some reason, I don't want to. At all.

     "Okay," I say quietly, before glancing away.

     Kylie nodded, and leaned in slowly. I watched her eyes flicker shut, and my brain took that as my queue to do something. I leaned in as well, and when our lips connected, I forced myself to close my eyes. There's no pretending to like this, I actually like it. Oh my God, why do I like it? Her lips feel as soft as they look, and I can feel her lip gloss against my lips.

     She slowly pulls away, as do I. I can't help but notice that some of my black lipstick is stuck to her lips. We lock eyes for a moment, and if I knew any better, I'd say Kylie was blushing. "The B is for-" She began, but I cut her off.


     Kylie pauses, then realizes what I said. "Wait, wait, wait... What the hell?"

     "I... kind of knew. You told me."

     I look away, and I hear Kylie exhale. "Oh, shit..." She mumbles, and I can tell that she's smiling. Voices always sound different with a smile. "You wanted to kiss me." She points out.

     "No shit.." I mumble, and I start to smile, myself. I don't try try stop this one, though. It feels right.

     Kylie nudges me, and I look up. "You know, you can do it again, if you want."

     And so I did.


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