Apartment B79

Apartment B79

My first novel please give my support, thanks and I hope you enjoy my Horror, comedy, romantic series

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Chapter 1.

Apartment Ch1

— The Beginning —

As I walked into the lobby, I got a demon glare into my eyes by people as I pass, I walk up to the woman at the front desk, she hasn’t spoken.
I ask the woman running the desk if they have a room I can rent, as I ask, the woman gives me a hard cold stare. Then, woman turns away from my face and types on her computer database, she hands me a room key with a tag room B79. I walk up to the elevator thats covered in graffiti, as I wait in the elevator listening to the silent music, and the creaking sound of the elevator going up. I reach floor 4 and I go to the very end of the hall to find room B79. I unlock my room door, as I walk in I expect a old tattered room, but instead I walk in and see a beautiful room, with knight sky walls and a sky blue ceiling. Ring Ring Ring goes my phone, as I answer no one picked up, yet the caller ID was my brother Zen Keyor, he keeps yelling through the phone about his story that happened to him years ago, something about a key and stories…
        The next week I finished unpacking, and a few of my friends have already come to visit me. Thats when the No caller ID’s started to call again, it said blocked number. I never answered it, who in their right mind would, but thats when things started to go missing.
First a pillow with my name imprinted on it, then some of my medical supplies, the next some of my bed sheets, then it got worse, the stuff I lost were more expensive items like a iPod, and then my tablet. I ran to the elevator and went to the first floor, in panic I tell the woman that there is something in my apartment room. The woman waited for about 7 minutes to tell me the info I need, she told me to transfer to a different apartment building, but I didn’t want to, I fell in love with my apartment room, it was the best price range deal anyways. The woman doesn’t give me anymore information so I head back to my room and think of what to do, should I hide my supplies or should I just move out. I started to question myself and the decisions I made to come here, I realized that I still had my phone, so I called the police and when they got here they searched the entire apartment room. They said I might just be loosing them, and someone isn’t taking them. They gave me a therapist card and left the apartment silently laughing at my reasons. I was frustrated, out of anger I finally made an idea to put up cameras in areas in my apartment, that would not pull in my personal things. The next day I watched over the footage from last night and part of the day when I was out shopping at the grocery store, I watched the footage about 3 times, I could not spot anything, so I watched it one last time and I looked real hard this time. 20 minuets go by and I catch something in the corner of my eye, I notice that the small window in the corner near my bedroom door opens slowly, it stayed open for about 10 minuets and closes in another 10 minuets.
        I sent a complaint to the apartment manager (who no one has seen) about my situation on the disappearing items and the window opening.
A week later after I sent my complaint note, nothing has happened during the week, and I found all of my missing items in a box under my bed, along with a return note from the “manager” the note reads “Dear Amber Lilleth, Im sorry about the problems that you have been experiencing, but I’ll assure you that the problems won’t happen again, and if you start to panic call 911, thank you” after I read it I ripped the paper in half, because when the notice mentioned for me to call 911, the apartment staff already new that I called 911, because the police officers made a huge scene in the lobby, I suspected it was some practical joke by some of the staff members. I was yet again furious, no one in the building to my problem seriously, they just laughed and scuffed at my feet. I was upset at this terror of a place, I decided I would try to leave the building sometimes and find a hobby or a job. Monday I hit a job in the newspaper industry, I loved to blog and mostly talk about things in the world, it was perfect. I have written this perfect story in the daily newspaper, it was about the safety of animals and about helpful habitats that people are trying to create.
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