Star Wars Unexpected Lovers: Maul and Kiara

Star Wars Unexpected Lovers: Maul and Kiara

Obi-Wan would have never thought that Maul...the Sith he killed back on Naboo, was back to haunt him once more. Kiara Kenobi, his younger sister, is under protection, ever since Qui-Gon Jinn's death. He vows never to have her be face -to-face with the nightmares of a Sith Lord. But what happens when Kiara meets Maul? Will Maul use her as a tool for revenge against Obi-Wan? Or can the young woman change his heart? Please note: I do not own Star Wars. I am merely doing this for enjoyment. Kiara is not a canon character..but someone I decided to put into Obi-Wan's life. *This will be an ongoing story, I will try to update asap. My life is very busy* This is one of my stories from another website I go on. I will upload some old stories I wrote when I was small.

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Chapter 1.


Obi-Wan's POV: There was someone that I hold dear to me...that is my sister Kiara. After many years of searching for that missing part of my heart, it was finally pieced back together. We met at a restaurant on Coruscant. Kiara was a waitress there with her long auburn hair pulled up, and thin glasses on her face. We got to know each other here and there, since my padawan training with Qui-Gon took up much of my time.
         I first noticed we had a connection when our Force signatures collided and sort of molded together every time we were near each other. She seemed to be stunned about it as well. Kiara and I decided to get a DNA test to see whether we were related or not. Waiting for the results was nerve-racking. I continued to train while she served people at her job. But when the results came showed up positive that we were both siblings.
        Both of us went out to dinner to celebrate. Kiara later met Qui-Gon and they became close friends. But when me and my master were called to protect Queen Amidala of the Naboo System, Kiara was upset and said,"We only just met! Why do we have to get separated, again?" I told her it was apart of my duty and we would stay in touch with one another over the mission.
        So Qui-Gon and I got on a shuttle, and left. Qui-Gon and I fought Darth Sideous' apprentice, Darth Maul, in the queen's palace on Naboo. Me and Qui-Gon got separated, which resulted in Qui-Gon fighting Maul...alone. When Maul had the upper hand, he stabbed my master's torso, and he fell. Soon, I was able to reach Maul. I fought him out of rage for killing Qui-Gon, which is against the Jedi Code to take revenge on someone. But, I finally sliced him in half... I thought that was the end of my feud with Maul...but it would be only the beginning. Kiara later arrived on Naboo with the other Jedi Council members upon receiving the news of my master's death. She wept and stayed next to me as Qui-Gon's body was being burned. Through the days after the funeral, we comforted each other and stayed together for support. I never want to see Kiara face a Sith Lord...EVER!! She will be protected, so no one will come to silence her forever. She is he only family besides Anakin (my newest apprentice) that I got. I don't want to loose anyone else....
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