Kitsune's Magic

Kitsune's Magic

This Is About A Butler That Permanently Gets Fired For Becoming A Kitsune, He Then Discovers The True Magic Is...

published on November 27, 201418 reads 9 readers 0 not completed
Chapter 1.

Crushed Job

It Was A Winter In Florida, No Snow, A Butler Happily Takes The Kids, The 13 Year Old Meditation Expert Maddie "Om..." And The 11 Year Old Texter Emily "LOL #Swagalicious! :)" Then He Sees A Warlock "You Shall Turn To A Kitsune!!!"

The 2 Girls Hear His Screams Of Agony "You Look Like The Mythical Kitsune From Japanese Myths" "Oh No... Your Parents Will Fire Me..." (Runs Away Crying) "Wait! I Know Your A Kitty Or What Ever... But I Love You More Than Iphones!" "Emily That's The Sweetest Thing Anyone Has Said To Me..."

(Crys One Tiny Tear Drop That Douses Their Bodies With Water) "Oh, Your A Warlock Kitsune Which Means That One Tear Drop Is Like A Billion, When Your Sad You Cause Water, Angry Is Fire, Happy Is Lightning, Envy Is Grass, Hatred Is Metal, And Love Is Beauty, You Can't Control Emotion Elements Until You Find The Real Magic..." What's That?" "The Most Powerful Element" (They Get Home)

"WHAT IS THIS?!" "It's Zelotus, He Got Turned Into A Kitsune By A Warlock" "I Don't Care! Zelotus Your Fired!" "Please Michael Give Me Another Chance" "NO END OF DISCUSSION!!!"

He Runs Out The Door Letting A Flood Of Water Out Of The Mansion.
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