Mousha Chapter One

Chapter One of a book about the war between magical clans with 40 people in each, each having 100 lives. It does use characters from other sources (RWBY, Soul Eater, ETC) and Original Characters

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The Beginning

                                                                                                Chapter 1: The Beginning
        Anvil woke up to the sound of a falling anvil hitting another person. “What was that?” said Anvil.
        “Knife losing his 27th life” said Thesaurus. “He needs to stop losing his lifes, or he’ll lose all 100 soon.”
        “Hey!” yelled Knife “I still have 73 left”. Each clan has forty warriors with 100 lives each. It is impossible to regain a life or for new warriors to join a clan. In the case that a clan recruits a warrior, all other must vote to allow it, and the other clans also get a new warrior. If a person dies 100 times they can not be replaced. The four clans are: Ruby, Dust, Blake, and Yang, which are definitely not based on RWBY characters…   
        “Good morning” said the clan leader Ruby. A messenger ran up to Ruby and whispered in her ear. “What!” said Ruby “We are under attack in the bottom right of our territory, combat group one go up there NOW. Anvil and Knife along with some other warriors ran really fast toward the battle. They took an elevator down the mountain and ran toward the forest over the bridge on the river. On the way a Dust clan warrior jumped out at him.         
        “I am Sapphire and I will kill you!” said the attacker who was apparently called Sapphire.
        Anvil summoned an anvil which hit Sapphire, causing her to lose a lot of health. Sapphire attacked back by making a wall of gems burst out of the ground, knocking Anvil into the air. Anvil fell in the river and then climbed out.
“Sapphire, get over here” yelled another Dust warrior.
        “Coming” said Sapphire. “This isn't over” she said as she went to help the other warrior.
        “You ok?” asked Knife.
        “Yeah” replied Anvil. They kept running toward the invasion. When they got there, there were two soldier groups,- that's twenty warriors! “This is bad” said Anvil.
        “I'll go attain reinforcements” said Thesaurus. Thesaurus ran back to the camp to get more warriors.
“We here to fight or not?” said Knife as ten knifes levitated around him. Knife ran forward into battle. Out of nowhere, Anvil was thrust into the air. Looking down he saw a wall of blue gems.
        “Not her again” mumbled Anvil.
        “You didn't think I would retreat and forget about you did you?” purred Sapphire. As Anvil landed more sapphires skewered Anvil. “This will be the first fight I win, and It will be sweet!” laughed Sapphire. Before he was defeated, Anvil summoned a giant anvil on top of Sapphire. Both Anvil and Sapphire were down to 99 lives.
        Back at the Ruby camp, Thesaurus absconded into the camp, howling “REINFORCEMENTS NEEDED!” He ran so fast he bumped into Ruby.
        “Careful,” Ruby joked “You'll lose your third life.”
        “It's the invasion, they have half of their clan their clan fighting!” said Thesaurus.
        “What!” replied Ruby. “Right now there are all forty people in all four clans, so that's twenty soldiers! Send combat group two immediately. Ten more warriors ran off toward the elevator “Thesaurus, go take a nap, I'm going to go kill off more characters in the battle. I still have 100 lives so I can afford for the guy writing this to kill me at least once.”
“WE MUST PROTECT THE FOURTH WALL!” said a person who burst through a portal with a police outfit on. The person shot a taser at Ruby and then left through the portal.
        “...” aforesaid Thesaurus. “I think I should not have eaten those mushrooms I found earlier in the forest. I'm going to go take a nap.”
        After Ruby woke up from the taser, she ran off the cliff. While she fell she summoned her weapon. It started out as a little red rectangle and unfolded into a mechanical red and gray scythe. She spun her weapon and landed gracefully. She saw Knife using his floating knifes to cut through a Dust warrior. She stopped moving when she saw two dead bodies- Anvil and Sapphire. They then started to move, looking like they had just lost a life. Matter of fact they had as seen before in the book.
        “FOURTH WALL” yelled the guy from the portal. Anvil then summoned an another anvil and tried to hit Sapphire. Sapphire rolled and dodged the anvil. Sapphire then shot a bunch of crystals at Anvil. Anvil summoned an anvil as a shield.
        “SNEAK ATTACK” yelled Ruby as she snuck up on Sapphire.
        “Idiot” said Anvil as he facepalmed.
“What the-” said Sapphire, summoning a wall that Ruby crashed into.
        “That's it!” said Ruby as she pulled her scythe and started chasing Sapphire. When Sapphire got kind of far away, Ruby turned her scythe into a gun and shot Sapphire. She lost a life.
        An unknown voice echoed in the battlefield; “This is Dust, the leader of Dust clan, I want my clan to retreat. This battle is over.”
        “Why are they retreating?” asked Anvil.
        “Maybe we won!” replied Ruby and Knife simultaneously. “Wait, what?” they said simultaneously. “Woah, this is weird” they said.
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