Scarlett: Winterfall

The story of a feindish rogue turned hero and his journey across the world.

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Humble beginnings

Our hero's story begins not at the beginning, but instead several years before the beginning: The beginning before the beginning of the beginning.

Born to two merchants whom were none too wealthy, Scarlett had grown up as many kids in his neighborhood had: playing with rocks and pebbles while his parents worked day and night to provide for their growing son. Wheloon was a prison city in the forested kingdom of Cormyr. Gritz and Hannha Scarlett, unfortunately, dealt with the wrong people. Soon after a deal went bad, young Scarlett found himself the adopted son of gang leader Farnazhof Hitatchi. Raised as a rogue, and trained in the art of merciless killing, Scarlett soon found himself able to kill five grown guards with a single gold piece.
In his mid-teens Scarlett began accompanying raiding parties and theiving from pockets and houses.
After making a name for himself on the streets, a rival gang sent six of their best soldiers to send him a message. Four were found dead, one was unconsious, and one is still unaccounted for. Scarlett himself took several swords through him, but was able to return to his father otherwise unscathed.
After celebrating what he took to be his coming of age, at about 19, he was returning home drunk with some "friends". Upon reaching the entrance, Scarlett looked on what could only be perceived as a slaughter. Dead gang members everywhere. Blood and guts so deep it came up to his ankles. Darting from room to room, his friends forgotten, he began searching the hideout for his father. He certainly found him... or what was left, anyway. A head, an arm, and his father's sword. Sticking out of the decapitated cranium was a dagger. On the dagger was a note. It simply said: Get your ass out of my town. It was unsigned, but Scarlett had his suspicions as to who had done it.
After some searching around, he found that the overzealous gang leader had skipped town and headed to a far off place known only as Neverwinter.

He set sail for riches, training, and vengeance, setting himself on a path he had never considered.
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