Short Stories (2)

Short Stories (2)

Just a quick story from a rp I did on Facebook, with a few friends. More may be added in the future.

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RP Story

(BTW This has a slight Harry Potter theme to it.)

A 13 year old girl with long wavy blond hair and a flower clip was wondering down the corridors of her school St Andrews. She was looking for a quiet place to sing when she bumped into a smaller girl. The smaller girl had long brown hair which was in high pigtails; she looked at her feet
"Are you okay?" asked the smaller girl shyly asked.
"Yeah don't sweat it, after many football injures I almost don't feel pain anymore"
The smaller girl sighed in relief, she didn't want to get in trouble "That's good" She said quietly.
"Um hey I'm Lilaia-Rosa. Lilaia-Rosa Ravens. I've seen you at the library before"
"I'm Goldie. Goldie Fabian" replied Goldie shuffling her feet.
"Nice to meet you Goldie." Lilaia said calming herself down so she didn't come off as hyperactive. Goldie looked up and smiled slightly "Nice to meet you to Lilaia-Rosa" Lila scrunched up her nose slightly "I forgot to say that I have no idea what my parents were thinking when they called me that because I HATE that name so just call me Lila as everyone does" Lila said Goldie nodded
"Okay Lila call me Gold.....for short" hesitating just a little as she is still shy towards Lila.
"Okay Gold!! Sorry I'm not usually this hyper. I'm usually quite shy. But someone was talking to me about football so now I'm hyper" Lila explained
"Okay...It's the same for me with books" Goldie said quietly looking down at her feet.
"So if I talked to you about books you would get hyper??" Lila asked
Goldie hesitated before replying "maybe"
"I now have a fantabulous idea!!!!!!" Lila said, grinning mischievously at Gold. Gold looks up at Lila with a slight scared look in her eyes
"What are you planning Lila..." asked Gold.
"Oh nothing. Just a little plan to make you hyper" Lila replied with a small laugh
"Oh god" whispered Gold
"I won't actually. I know how annoying it is being hyper"
Gold sighed in relief "Thank God"
Gold smiled brightly and giggled slightly
"I made her laugh yes!!!!!!!" Lila exclaimed, laughing herself
Gold laughs with a giant grin. She suddenly got knocked over by a young girl with light brown hair and a very cheerful smile. She held out a hand to help her up.
"Thank you" mumbled Goldie
"Hello what are your names?" said Rose EverBorn said reminding Goldie of her friend Lila next to her.
"Goldie. Goldie Fabian" said Goldie
"I'm Lilaia-Rosa. Lilaia-Rosa Ravens but please call me Lila"
"My name is Rose EverBorn and its very nice to meet you both" said Rose EverBorn
"Nice to meet you Rose EverBorn" Said Goldie While Smiling
"Hello Lila it's nice to see you. It's such a beautiful day" said Rose EverBorn
"Yeah it is isn't it"
"And where were you going Goldie?" said Rose EverBorn
"I was going to the library to read and please just call me Gold" Goldie replied
"What book are you reading?" said Rose EverBorn
"Magyk thanks for asking Rose"
"Is it interesting?"
"Yeah soooo much magic and adventure!" exclaimed Goldie
"I should read it sometime then" said Rose EverBorn
"Yeah when I finish it you could borrow it"
"Thanks Goldie"
"Not to interrupt but I best get back to the common room to study for Potions" said Lila
"Okay bye" Gold waves and starts to head to Defence of the dark arts but turns and speaks to Rose "You should head to class now it's going to start soon" with that Goldie left.
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