The Three Odd Pastas

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The Three Odd Pastas
Chapter 1.


Name: Lillian
Age: 19 forever
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Bi
Family: N/A
weapon(s): Shot gun and baseball bat
Catchphrase(s): Depends on weapon that she's using (Baseball bat) Player 2 batter up (Gun) Lets play Russian Roulette
birthday: 2-27-2005

Backstory: Lillian was always the quiet type. She never talked to anyone and no one talked to her. She usually did other peoples home work. One day she was walking home when a few people started to attack her. The only thing she could do was attack her attackers with her base ball bat. She lost the fight... She died later that day, her body dumped into a river... Never to be found. She woke up months later, cold and wanting revenge. She killed all the people who had killed her. She tore them to pieces with her bat.
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