A dream, right?

Ivy Nightcore was a human teen girl, that is until everything in her life changed. Same with Liu Wolfe, he was a human boy until he was changed. Both of them meet a fate. Warning: Might be blood, cussing, and death.

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Chapter 1.
Chapter One

Chapter One

Ivy's POV
      I lay on my stomach at my bed, listening to music from my phone out of my ear phones, reading a book about a lot of ways to work with technology most people don't. Yes, I'm a tech freak, but technology is part of my talent, learning them and fixing them. I am best with them, and it's quite fun for me fixing any type of technology. I guess that is why my parents rely on me fixing the tv, phones, any electronic around the house. I sighed, then heard a noise coming from downstairs.
      "Hm? Wonder what was that."
      I closed my book and put my phone away into my jacket pocket, pausing the music. I walked down the stairs, heading to the living room and peaked through the corner, very surprised what I saw. I saw some robots who was probably minions to a man who was shaped like . . . A egg? I tried not to laugh from what shape he was, since it's quite a surprise for me. I covered my smile with my hand, then hide quickly before one of the robots saw me, which I hoped that one didn't. I grabbed a baseball bat not far from me, then ready it. The robot came at me while I brought down the bat at it, hitting it to the side almost like I was playing baseball. It hit against a couple other robots, which I hurried back upstairs and slammed my door shut before another robot grabbed me. I locked the door, hearing banging. Them I heard some sort of saw turn on, seeing the door being cut down slowly. I went pale, trying to think of a way out of here. I was thinking, a lot of ideas coming through my head. 'Crap, what am I going to do?!' I was stressing out, then looked worried when I heard the egg like man shouted, or, I think it was him.
       "Come out, Ivy Nightcore! Or I will force you out of that room!"
       "Go away!"
       I covered my mouth, which the door cut down a bit faster. I prayed for a miracle now to save me from this egg shape guy getting me for something he was planning on me. And how did he know my name, I don't even know this guy! I sighed, then ready the baseball bat ready once the door got cut down completely, seeing the egg shape man with his robots behind him, smiling at me.
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