The wish of the little ghost

The wish of the little ghost

This is actually a entry of a competition, but is just as the title describes it. It's about a little female-ghost that felt lonely till a little human-boy showed her a fun time. And now the only thing she wants is to see him or better yet, for him to see her. but is that a good idea?... find out while reading ^-^ (I don't think I'll finish the story though... but you can still enjoy)...

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Chapter 1.
The intro and Her past

The intro and Her past

“Hey there, elina here. As you probably read in the description the story was actually made for a competition, but it’s still a good story (I hope). It’s 5 chapters long and it’s a third-persons view (most of the time) so I hope you’ll enjoy and if you enjoyed this, I have allot of draft-stories waiting to be done... someday...
So without further ado, the story:

Let me first tell you about the 3 life-forms you gotta know about:
You know what humans are but let me explain ghosts and spirits:
Ghost are born that way and age just like humans do, they have their own society and rules and live un-nodist with the humans on earth. They have the power to turn visible for humans at night and are like vampires not really a fan of the sun.
Spirits on the other hand are lost souls of humans that died incomplete of their destiny and usually haunt the ones that hurt them in their previous life (kinda like creepy-pasta’s, I guess). They are found mostly at their graves and never smile.

So let’s start with Rachel’s story when she was born: 1957:
She was born with very-light skin and light-blue hair, a pretty normal ghost-child. Except her eyes that is, the one is cyan and the other one is yellow. You can’t really see that cauze she rapped a bandage around it because she got bullied about it. Other people always thought that it was a curse or that she was made a failure. Even her own family didn’t appreciate her, except one friend that is, Ryan. Well he wasn’t really what you would call a “friend”. He was a boy with black hair, blue eyes, pale skin and the only thing unusual about him is that he got 2 weird stripes on both his cheeks; He would bring people to the hospital if they even got the nerve to joke about the cheeks. He too did bully and tease her about her eyes, but when people physically hurt her, he would throw them to the wall twice as hard cause he enjoyed hurting people but would get detention if he didn’t have a reason. So that’s how their relationship worked and it did pretty well, although people still hurt her mentally she got used to it.

Oke, So one peaceful day, about night-ish, Rachel was on her favorite swing close to the grave-yard. She was singing her favorite song “skyfall” with her beautiful voice. Suddenly a football was thrown behind her but she didn’t noticed and continued singing. After a while a human-boy came to grab the ball and hidden himself when he heard her sing. After she was done singing the human-boy reviled himself
Boy: “You’re pretty good”
Rachel was in shock that someone, even worse, a human-boy heard her sing and she quickly hidden herself as well. She was blushing like crazy but still asked:
“...H-how m-much did you hear...”
It was a rule that ghosts may never (without a very good reason) show them self before a human because they might panic and the times of ghost-hunters would begin once again.

*Explanation time: Ghost-hunters:*
Ghost-hunters were humans that killed ghost as part of their jobs.
It was impossible to kill ghosts before till a human-inventor created a machine that used a special kind of emerald (family of the chaos emerald but was weaker and needed sun-warmth as fuel, not a hedgehog)
That was put in some sort of box and with a magnifier in front of it.
The box could contain allot of sun-warmth inside for a long period of time and when pointed at a ghost, the emerald will collect all the sun-warmth in its surroundings and shoot the ghost into oblivious.
The ghosts had to go into hiding for longer than a century till the humans forgot their existents. Luckily most hunters don’t exist anymore since the ghosts disappeared they needed to find a new job. But the ghosts were better safe than sorry...
*end of explanation time*

Boy: “the whole song (Elina: “Liar!”), but why are you hiding?”
She didn’t say anything while her face was still cherry-red
Boy: “...come on, It’s not like you never seen a human before, have you?”
She was still quiet as she nodded
Boy: “...ow, why is that?”
She had 5 seconds to think about a good excuse and her answer was:
“... because I was born with a disease that will cauze my heart to beat too fast with much excitement... that’s why I have only one good eye too...” hey, not a complete lie...
The boy thinks for a while and comes up with a idea
Boy: “ow, sorry... hey let me give you a tour what you’ve bin missing for the past few years” as he reached out for her hand (don’t worry she already turned visible and with normal clothes). She blushed as she grabbed his hand.

They went from the swing to the park where he bought me a cone with sugar and ice combined with something white on it that pained my brains for a few seconds.
Then from the park to the village where he made me laugh as we walked through the streets
And lastly from the village to the valley where there were all these pretty flowers that shined in the moonlight.
As we lay down he grabbed her closer and suddenly kissed her, She became blood-red as she quickly stumbles to get free. A few seconds later he lets go and she distends herself and stutters to speak
Rachel: “...W-W-W-Why D-D-did Y-Y-You do ‘T-that’?...”
Then he comes closer again as she closes her eyes. He pets her head.
(remember folks, their 8 and 9 years old, so don’t go ahead of yourself)
Boy: “Because I really like you.” And he smiles while she blushed insanely. As it turned into early dawn she said her goodbye and some miles away she turned back into a ghost and went back home...
To be continued

“Well, that was intense for a part 1 but there are still 4 chapters to go (they are probably not gonna be as long as this one), and let me already tell you something about the end...
‘it ain’t gonna be pretty’ (not in the perverted way!)
So till next time" ^-^
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