Tokiko's crush

Tokiko's crush

Tokiko has a crush on someone ! But she's afraid to tell him, what will she do ?

published on August 22, 201433 reads 14 readers 2 completed
Chapter 1.


Hi ! My name is Tokiko Tsuji :) I'm a ghost at heavenly host and I died at the age of 7. It was brutal...anyways I uh have a crush on Ryou...but I'm afraid to tell him..

I roamed the halls with my scissors in my hand. I suddenly spotted a teenage girl so I faded away and then reappeared behind her "cwome pway wiff me" I whispered to her "AHHH !!!"  'She screams too loud' I thought so I stabbed her to shut her up.

It only took two stabs to kill her 'pathetic..' I thought "nice kill Tokiko" I heard someone say, I turned around and saw Ryou "thanks !" I said happily

He then walked over to me. "Come on !" He said as he took my hand "let's find other people to kill"  'Hehe Ryou is so cute' I thought

We went to the infirmary because most people go there to rest, we found two boys there. "Mike I'm tired can we take a break ?" One of the boys asked "sure" the two boys then laid down

Me and Ryou snuck up on them "wake up" Ryou said to them, once the boys opened there eyes they started to yell. We stepped closer to them. They got off the bed and rushed out the door so we followed, they ran for a while before they stopped in the middle of the hall. "I think we lost them" one of them said.

"This is our chance" Ryou told me, I nodded. We then charged at them "time to die" I said as I stabbed the younger boy's forehead, Ryou stabbed the older boy's neck and stabbed him over and over again.

Once they died me and Ryou went to the infirmary and waited for more people to come.
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Comments (2)

OMG! It's the headless ghost girl from Corpse Party!
on August 24, 2014
So sweet!
on August 23, 2014