Seeing Red

Seeing Red

Vampire!Yang au white rose, seamonkey, and arkos mentioned in further chapters damn this story is pretty gay™

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Falling In Love Wasn't Particularly On My Schedule

I sat at my bottom bunk, feeling dazed and burnt out. I woke up before most of the students at beacon because i decided to sleep early last night, just to fix my sleeping schedule. I'm always tired for the most part, but the homework keeps piling up and I don't know when I'll stop procrastinating. My body felt numb and I barely wanted to get up, not because I was emotionless, I was just bored out of my mind. I decided to pick myself off of the smooth mattress and go outside, since im bored I might as well do something. I picked up a book of mine and decided to head out and get some fresh air, besides, the season spring always made me feel a bit more aware of everything. Calm and quiet. and the soft sounds of crickets chirping at night time. I guess the temperature and beauty of it all just gave me this satisfied vibe.

I continued to wander in my thoughts as I walked down the empty halls, only a few other students were out of their Dorms and some in the libraries but other than that, it was seemingly peaceful. Probably because alot of the other students were asleep. Step by step, the floor boards creaked until i made it to the Exit near the cafeteria, changing the scenery to a cold marble floor. I opened the door and decided to walk under the shade of a tree and read my book. I decided to let myself relax more and took of the bow that enclosed around my ears, It could get highly uncomfortable, to say the least. My teammates know, I just don't intend to be that open about it soon enough. My ears perked a little as I flipped to the next page, continuously thriving on the plot.

A few minutes passed as I flipped the pages of my novel, scanning each and every word on the thin sheets of paper. I'd like to get drawn into stories like this all the time, I never really knew how fun it would be to just sit outside for once in the quiet until now. The fluid sentences kept making me scroll the book immensely- until i felt a swift snatch from above me. I looked up cluelessly, with my hands still in the position of holding a book. The grasp caught me off guard, so I didn't really know how to adjust or even what to expect. I blinked for a second, and saw a blonde girl with black fingerless gloves floating on her back, as if she was a monkey hanging upside down from a tree. Her long hair was like a mane, it looked adorably fluffy. She smirked at me, holding my book in one hand as her soft hair nearly reached the ground as she scanned me from wrong side up. Her lilac eyes had a strong sense of confidence, and so did her fashion sense, she wore shorts that weren't at all close to her knees, and short stockings, one which was not symmetrically straightened up. It was kinda cute.

We stared at each other for a while, and the way she smiled at me forced my heart to beat faster than usual and blurt something out, no matter how ridiculously sarcastic it is. "You..gonna give me that?" I smiled at her, still face to face with her, nearly inches away.

The blonde gave a soft giggle, one that sounded so excitable and skittish that it made my smirk grow a tad bit wider. "It depends, if i did, would you be willing to open up to me? " she said, opening up the book, implying the quirky pun evidently.

I laughed, none the less, the joke was surprisingly adorable, "Wow, you suck." I punched the floating girls arm lightly.

She responded dramatically, "Ow! I think its broken!" She giggled, pretending to rub her arm and mocking me.

"Admit it, that book pun was the worst." I smiled at her, I don't know why I was continuing the conversation, It's just that this girl has such a jumpy personality it makes me oddly wanting to talk to her more.

"You've only got your shelf to blame!" She spun around in the air, doing an upside down twirl as she flied over me, still close enough for her to talk to me, though.

I giggled, "Oh my god, you're terrible." I looked up at her and gave another slight laugh.

She winked at me in response to what I had said, and handed me my book back. "So uh.. my names Yang! You?" Her teeth were sharp like that of a razor as she spoke.

"Blake." I tried to forced out an actual sentence, yet I was exceedingly already having this blonde girl get stuck in my thoughts. Everything about her was immensely captivating.

"That explains a lot, hell, I could barely tell the difference between a shadow and the color of your clothing." She jokes, but wanders off mid-part of her sentence as she starts touching my ears. I don't think she was doing it flirtatiously, I'm pretty sure she was just curious. Her soft hands caused them to flick a little and never have I ever felt more embarrassed in my life.

She makes a small gasp as a dorky smile spreads across her face, "Oh my god! They twitch!" she turned right side up, still floating above me and started touching both of my ears, making them slowly move more.

After a few seconds of doing so, she recognizes that I've been glaring at her the entire time. She looks at me and immediately swipes her hands away, giving a nervous chuckle. "Heh, sorry! It's just interesting!"

I sigh, and give a small purr as i rest back down on the tree, only loud enough for Yang to hear.

"Alert, the kittens sleepy" Yang chuckled as she floated down and sat right in front of me, criss-crossing her legs, and laying her head in both her palms, resting her elbows on her knees. looking at me and sticking her tongue out.

"My name's Blake, not kitten"  I responded, mockingly sticking my tongue out too.

"Can i call ya' kitty cat?" She persisted, facetiously.

I shook my head, smiling. The grin on my face couldn't go away when she was talking to me, the dorky side of her is intriguing. I pretended like I was looking at the pages in my book but the blonde was distracting me from processing one single sentence on the paper.

"Puss n' boots?" She giggled, again with that constantly adorable laugh that always made my heart skip a beat.

I shook my head again, accidentally letting out a small giggle.

She crawled over in the grass next to my side, giving up and laying on the tree with me, "I'll ease you into it soon enough." She winked again, comically.

"I wouldn't give a stereotypical vampire nickname now would I?" I stated, humorously.

"Woah, how'd you know?" Yang responded.

"Uh, what? I don't gotta be sherlock holmes to figure that out, Yang. You were floating the whole time." Her face looked dawned and her cluelessness just made the situation more amusing.

"The witty Blake strikes again," She responded comically, and put on her best fake vampire impression "I'm here to suck your blood!", It was awfully inaccurate, her attempt was peculiarly endearing.

"Truly an expert at mockery." I pestered teasingly.

"Hey!" Yang responded, pretending to be offended.

I giggled, tackling her to the ground and pinning her, unable to control my laughter.

"I'm being attacked by a kitten!" She teased, amusingly.

"Wow,Rude! Leave my face!" I continued to laugh uncontrollably.

"You mean leave your sight? Nerd, wow." Yang responded, booping my nose.

At that point we both just broke down into uncontrolled giggles and laughs, and it was like that until my scroll started beeping, I took it out of my back pocket and It was my alarm clock for class- it started at 9:10.

The time was 9:08

"Crap, I'm late for class, I really gotta run, Uh, will i see you again tomorrow?" I frantically rushed my words out.

"Yeah, no problem, Kitten!" She saluted me mockingly and started floating again, looking down at me.

"You're lucky I'm late for class and can't argue with you about the nickname" I glared amusingly at her.

She gave a small laugh and hinted that she was gonna leave now, "Welp, see ya later!"

"See ya'!" I waved off and ran to class.
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