The World we See

This story involves all sorts of fandoms and there characters. But here is some stuff about the story. In a world overruled by the Shadow King and his minions known only as 'the mindless' as well as the survivors also known as travelers. Then, there was the Factions of Scale. Let's see how this plays out, shall we?

published on August 14, 20173 reads 3 readers 0 not completed
Chapter 1.


In this world you have to hide, so the mindless won't find you.

In this world you can't stay in one place too long.

In this world you have no allies.

In this world there is no love.

This is how the survivors see it. Or at least most of them.

In this world you must listen to the King.

In this world the Kings word means all.

In this world you are either mindless.

Or you are a survivor.

This is how the mindless see it.

In this world you must believe. 

In this world you must keep hope.

In this world you must keep believing. 

In Silvermoon.

This is how the Factions of Scale see it.

But, which one am I? Only time can tell. Or, at least that's what they say.
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