Long Live The Family (Mafia AU)

Long Live The Family (Mafia AU)

Welcome to the life in the great Italian Mafia! Here Venice stays with his bosses Italy and Romano. Venice is the most well respected member but he is too stubborn to follow Romano's orders causing feuds of fights to rise up, he was the stealthiest of them all and the fastest to be the best assassin ever brought into the family. But one day everything took a wrong tole and Venice is left alone with Seborga to fend off to keep the Mafia alive with Italy on his death bead and Romano trying to gather help. Everyone in the Mafia is considered family. LONG LIVE THE FAMILY.

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Chapter 1.
Welcome to the Family

Welcome to the Family

Night time had fallen and the streets seemed to be empty for quite some time, a few walked on the sidewalks or was even driving around in their cars. But one man in particular as was spotted, he was balled and had a familiar tattoo on the back of his neck. The wind howled between the buildings as they stood tall, the moon lighting up the night sky and for the buildings that stood tall. The man walked towards his car when suddenly his head whipped back and blood flew from his head, his body falling to the ground and people began to scream at the murder.

Venice grinned as he got up from laying on the edge of the building, picking his sniper rifle up and puts the stand back up then reloads it. The cop came in rushing to the scene and people started to calm down a bit now, the chief coming out as he stood up tall and looks at the body before him. Germany was the chief of the police and Prussia was the second in command of them all, the two walked over to examine the body and kneels down next to it. "Looks like that Italien was here again.." Germany grumbled out gently as he got up. "He must be gone already sor he's high enough we can't see him." Prussia stated as he looked off to the side. "Vas... Hey West, is that a note over there?" He asked as he pointed to a post. Germany got up and went over to the post as he took the note to read it, "Lets see now..."

The note-
"Ciao Germania e Prussia, spero che due blast!~
You're friend,
Cagna Venezia~"

Germany's eyes widened as he thought of the hint, the man was killed before reaching his car... "Stop! Get away from the car now!!" Germany yelled out. Prussia looked up as he looked towards the car were three of the men was at, his eyes widened as he was suddenly tackled back by the larger man. The moment the car door was opened the car exploded, screams could be heard from all around and the young Italian grinned widely.

"Benvenuti nella famiglia.~" He chirped as he headed back to the headquaters, a achieved smile on his face as he walked away.
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