ouran high school host club x haruhi's twin brother crossover ultra prince no sama x ouran

ouran high school host club x haruhi's twin brother crossover ultra prince no sama x ouran

he was her older brother some one to depend on what happens when he comes back and meets the host club

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coming back home

coming back home

after my flight from  tokyo   i finally arrived at japan  where i first was born it was a couple years since mom died  i felt like i had to leave and get away from it all  it hurt to be near my old home because it brought back painful memories  but i had to come back for my  younger sister haruhi  i missed her  i left when she was still young  shes 15 now but in high school   im 17   and im a well a singer  i had to leave but im back maybe i should see her and make her smile i walked  to her school and walked into the building i all ready got info so i could enter  i walked into the hall way lunch is over  so i should go to her club i walked upstairs and looked at the numbers of the music rooms till i came to number three i took a deep breath and entered the first thing i saw was a lot of light the next was a scent  of roses   after my eyes got used to the light  i looked around  and looked at every one until my eyes landed on a familiar figuer i said her name only to run to haruhi   i walked up to her and said her name again haruhi !!! i said  she looked up with tears in her eyes and ran up to me and hugged me while sobbing i sobbed as well   i watched as  the blonde dude and the tall dude came up to use the tall dude tryed to take haruhi only for her to hold her grip  and she yelled and said stop it mori   a nerdish dud with glasses came up to use and started to blackmail  me  he would not shut up so i did what i have to i walked up to him grabbed him by the hips and crashed my lips against his  it shut him up   but i felt him kiss me back   i pulled away from the kiss and walked to haruhi and stood by her side   i watch them ask a bunch of questions .   tamaki:  who are you and what do you want with haruhi!!!!    me :  im haruhi's brother fool   i just came back    hikaru: so how old are you and    karou : how old are you?    me : 17 and my names haro fugioka    tamaki: your  17?    me: yes    kyoya:  what gender are you into haro?   me: idk    honey: haro chan  do you like cake?!?     me :   no     honey :  *teary eyes*    me:  i would still eat it though i like cheese cake
honey:  okay haro chan   *smiles*    do you like usa chan  ?    me :  yeah he is a cute bunny honey

tamaki:  hmm i never know haro could be so openly gay
me:  tamaki your openly gay
tamaki: waaaah  mamma!!!!
kyoya: yes daddy
tamaki: our son is using naughty words!!!!
me: im not  your kid tamaki  eside i rather not be related to you  i all ready have a dad i don't need another one tamaki
kyoya : i agree  with haro
kyoya  : i cant be related to haro   because i would not get to keep him if i was  *smirks*
haro : *blushes*
tamaki: mamma  !!!
kyoya: yes daddy?
tamaki : are you cheating on me!!!
kyoya  :  we were never married   and yes i plan on it    
tamaki:  *in emo corner*
kyoya:  haro?
haro:  yes  kyoya?
kyoya : meet me out side in a couple minutes

haro : okay  kyoya sempai
                                          *after a couple minutes   waiting for kyoya*
kyoya : *walks out side and walks to haro and kisses him on the lips and leaves and gets in limo and goes home*
i felt my heart race as i watches kyoya leave oh god i am gay  but why?  for a black mailer  i turned and saw haruhi smiling  at me  ready to go home haro  she asked yeah i'm ready i smiled  we walked home dad finally came home  we celebrated my return and we stayed up and hanged out until it was time to sleep  haruhi went to her room dad went to his i went to mine i walked to my closet and changed out of my old clothes  into pj and walked to my bed and  laid down and went to sleep waiting to see what  adventure awaits me tomarrow
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