Rayne and Ace's Life

Rayne and Ace's Life

This is the story about . . . Rayne and Ace! Wow, it's been a long time hasn't it? Anyway, Im here to explain their life up until now, starting from about 10 or 12! Well . . . ENJOY!

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Chapter 1.


- Rayne's P.O.V - 10 years young -

I was planning on getting out of bed today, but then I realized one thing...it was wednesday! The day when mom (Arianna), makes those gross pancakes for breakfast! Ugh....

'Ace' I silently call from the bunk above, 'Ace' I call again, no answer. I carefully crawl down the ladder from my bunk to the floor and hop on to his bed like a secret agent. "ACE!" I yell into his giant wolf ear. " WHAT! " he yells back, think I was one of our parents, they yell at him a lot! " Well...It's breakfast time and Im not eating mom's pancakes alone." I state, hoping off his bed. " Can't I like...I don't know...Die?" He groans, "No" I say "You must and you shall eat and live on the next day!" I yell, pointing at him like a sergeant at his most angry times of the day. "Alright, meet you out in the kitchen in five" he groans once more before pulling the sheets off his body.

- Time Skip to Noon Time -
- Ace's P.O.V - 11 years young -

I've never cared much for my parents, and probably never will. I absolutely hate them! and Im actually kind of glad I did what I did. You know...Sometimes having chaos powers isn't so bad. I don't know what to tell Rayne though...What will she think after this? I should probably lead her somewhere else, just so she doesn't see the bodies of our dead parents. I will tell her later on, when she's older, but for now I should  find a way without her knowing.
I quickly hid the bodies, and raced to the town center and told her to meet me there, I had already packed our bags and made it look like an accident, suicide I guess. Rayne will cry over this, I don't want to see her cry, she's my baby sister after all.

I had finally gotten to town center and found Rayne sitting on a bench patiently waiting for me. I slowly walked towards her, tighten my grip on the bag straps. " R-Rayne...We need to leave home....." I had managed to build up enough courage to say that, then, "Dad kicked us out and we have to leave now"
" Um...Okay..You better not be lying" She says, then grabs her bag swiftly and starts to walk one way.


Hello! This is Rayne Speaking! I wanted to know how you liked the first chapter, yes the parent's are dead, and yes Ace and I are leaving, heading towards Mobius, we lived in some random place before okay? XD Well Adios for now!
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Awesome! I love it! Keep writing please!
Really? Thank you so much! and I will : D
Yesh! Can't wait!
on October 28, 2014
on October 28, 2014
on October 27, 2014