The ten phases of darkness.

The ten phases of darkness.

After an unsuspecting map call, Starlight experiences some changes. At first, everyone thought it was puberty. They found out that it was worse than that. These are the ten phases of darkness.

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The First phase:  uncontrollable speed (part 1)

The First phase: uncontrollable speed (part 1)

         "Princess twilight! He-hello?" Asked an eager Starlight. " she is out of town with a friendship problem. What up? " Asked spike confusedly. "Oh, it's just that my flank is glowing!" Said Starlight, even more eagerly. " Woah! " said Spike pointing at the map. The map shows Starlight's cutie mark with lightning surrounding it. "Woah!!!" Said Starlight as her eyes got larger. "That looks very familiar..." Said Starlight. " Mount Aris!" "Weird. Twilight and the cmc are their now." Said spike. "What are we waiting for?" Said Starlight, once more eager. "Hold up! You should bring Twink." Said spike calmly. " Hay no! He will scare the crap out of the hippogrifs!" "Then i will go." "Whatever." Said Starlight rolling her eyes.

       "...So when Apple Jack defeated the storm king..." Said Apple Bloom. "Wait! She told you she defeated the storm king?"  Asked Twilight in shock. "No, but it makes for a better story." Said Apple Bloom. "STOP THE TRAIN!" Said Starlight. "Starlight?" Asked the Cmc. "Stop the train!" All four Cmcs yelled towards the front of the train. "What are you doing her?" Asked Scootaloo with a little blush. "Map mission. Spike told me." Said Starlight taking deep breaths for the long run. "Spike!?!" Asked Twilight unhappy. "Well, we thought you were already there. So, supervision." Said spike nervously. Starlight hugged Scootaloo and took a seat. The train starts moving. "How did you get here so fast?" Asked sweetie belle. Starlight vibrates her hoof. "Thats how." "All abord!" Said the train conductor.

        The cbc rush out of the train. " So, uh, how does the map work? " Asked Starlight. "I don't know." Sweetie Belle said. "ANY GRIFF HAVE A PROBLEM?" Scootaloo yells. Every griff just stares weirdly. "No? Ok, that's all I got."  The cmc blink in disbelief. "What? At least I weren't raised in a barn!" Scootaloo said . "Hey!!" , Apple Bloom helped back. "Hello?" Asked a sea pony. " I'm starstream's brother, terrimer. " "and I'm im ocean breeze,  sister of skystar."
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