Sunken Blue

it's a story about a girl named Blue and becomes a creepypasta that can controls Water and uses music to kill people in their dreams.

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Chapter 1.

chapter One

It was a long time ago I think it was, I can’t remember… All I remember was my name was Blue Sky and I was dating a guy named Jonny and I thought he loved me, but I guess not, my parents hated me because I was different. I was different because my hair was blue when I was born and my eyes were purple, and I  always  went into the water, but I wasn’t a good swimmer though.

When I would go into the water, my hair will turn a darker blue and my eyes will also turn a darker purple. People would stare at me and whisper mean things into each others ears and I would just ignore them because I didn’t care because I was born different then them. I went to school like every sixteen year old would, sometimes in class I would always sing and the teachers would always kick me out of class. I hated that. When they would kick me out I would always would go home.

I lived next to the ocean and the forest, I don’t really like the forest because I would always see things in their, My best friend was Toby Rogers, we would always go to the ocean next to my house and  play video games and would have sleep over’s at his and my house. People would  always make fun of him too because he would always tic and twich, they would call him Ticci Toby, but I thought it was cute that he ticked and twich because he was like me.

That all stopped when I herd on the news that Toby Rogers had died in a fire, but they never found the body, I immediately fell to the floor and starting crying I screamed and it made my whole house shake. How could this happen to my Toby!! My best friend in the whole world died in a fire in the forest where I lived…. Wait, in the forest where I lived!!! He was in the forest I could fell it.

I quickly ran out of my house and ran into the forest I still saw the fire burning and I looked all around me and a really tall figure with what looked like Toby!! I ran their as fast as I can I stopped and screamed  “TOBY!!!!!” they looked back and saw me. I felt hurt and then I screamed “ CALL 911 NOW!!!”  just then, the whole ground shook and my hair flew in front of me and the tall figure that was next to Toby flew backwards and so did Toby. Right before I could get to Toby, the tall figure grabbed him and disapperd into the forest.

I was going to find my best friend and when I did, that tall man was gonna pay for taking him away from me. A few weeks past since Toby and that tall man disapperd into the forest. My boyfriend Jonny came to my house and I was next to the ocean thinking of Toby, Jonny said “Blue what are you doing next to the ocean?” He walked over to me and I got up he said “ I got you some flowers, their white roses” he gave the roses to me and I kissed him on the cheek.

What I didn’t know, was that those roses where for my death that day, Jonny had pushed me into the ocean and said “ The tides have turned Blue, I never loved you or liked you goodbye Blue” and with that I drowned. That night, I was pulled out of the water and was in the air I opened my eyes and felt different. I was dropped on the dock ever so carefully and I was cold so I went up to my room.

I quickly out on a white and blue dress on and I put all the clothes that I had in suitcase and I put some money in their to and a picture of me and Toby and I grabbed a hat and went out the door with my suitcase in my hand and went into the forest. When I went deeper in the forest, I herd a static noise and I turned and saw a tall man with a suit on and he didn’t have a face.

He held out his hand and I grabbed it and he teleported and we were in front of a mansion and we walked up to it and he opened the door, my hair was in the hat so no one cloud recognize me and I had sunglass on so no one could see my eyes. We went in and every one looked at me I put my suitcase down and looked up at the tall man and he said some thing like this “ go ahead child they won’t hurt you.”
I nodded and took off my hat and sunglasses and everyone gasped in awe and I said “Hi, my name is Sunken Blue…” they all smiled and one of them said “Blue? I is that y-you?” I said “ how do you know my real name?” he walked up closer and took off his goggles and I smiled and cried and hugged him, It was Toby. I said “ oh my god!!! Toby, I missed you so much I’m sorry that I knocked you and slender man into a tree” he said “ it’s o-okay Blue. I’m  glad your h-here” I smiled and kept hugging him. Then someone said “what? She’s the new creepy pasta?! She looks like a regular human with fake contacts and died hair!! “

I stopped hugging him and said “who said that!?!?” this guy raised his hand and said “me stupid” I said  “what is you’re name?” he said “it’s Jeff the Killer” I said “hmm, come here for a second” he walked over to me and I pulled him out side by his ear and everyone came rushing out side to see what was going to happen.

I picked up Jeff and threw him really far, he hit a tree and it broke. I smiled and when he was running after me with his knife, I screamed while saying “ I”LL SET THIS WORLD ON FIRE!!!!!” and the whole ground shook and my hair flew in front of me and I went up in the air and started moving my hands Jeff was in the air too. I smiled and dropped him in the air and I went down and fell to the ground and blacked out.

I woke up in a bed and quickly got up I looked around the room and saw a picture of me and Toby on the night stand and found out that it was his room. I saw Toby asleep on a chair and so I got out of bed very quietly and picked up Toby and put him on his bed and I pulled the covers on him and kissed his forehead and I fell asleep next to him.
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