Cherry Viridi

Cherry Viridi

My fanfiction seres comes to Qfeast in this seres we have multiple timelines so I will put them in the chapter titles

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Chapter 1.

Cherry Viridi master assassin of Arkham City

Cherry Viridi assassin the Main character's name is based on kid icarus uprising charecter Viridi this story is based in the Batman Arkham universe.Being caucasian having blue eyes and blond hair with a very simmilar to viridi from kid icarus uprising as forementioned earlier.
Cherry Viridi is hired by Hugo strange to kill Batman along side deadshot.To get put in Arkham city Cherry Viridi kills a few movie clerks,Tiger guards hold her up in Dawnstar theatre and arrest her.Cherry Viridi is thrown in to Arkham city and makes her prowling grounds Park Row. Hugo Strange gives Cherry Viridi her, her gear 7 Kunais a grapel gun a stealth suit night vision googles a silenced FAL assult rifle and p99 pistol 7 smoke pellets. Getting ammo and food every 9 days she sets up camp in the Cathedral's graveyard. Cherry Viridi hears that Bruce Wayne is now in Arkham City Bruce Wayne gets his bat suit saves catwoman and goes to the cathedral. She takes her chance at 40 million and stabs BatMan in the gut with a Kunai and another in the back she injures the caped crusader she withdraws her Kunais and runs out. Bats is met by Harley Quinn who blows up the church tower with her crazed boyfriend the joker.
Cherry Viridi follows Bats to the steel mill she breaks in to to kill him off for good. Cherry Viridi kills some Joker goons in the matinence tunnel D and finds BatMan in the manager's office with harley and joker. Cherry Viridi stabs Harley through the back with her Kunai then shoots the real Joker in the head 7 times while Clayface joker is out on a mission. BatMan sees Cherry Viridi kill joker he asks why you did that Cherry Viridi answers to earn my 40 million and be set up for life.Cherry Viridi Shoots batman 37 bullets in the cowl while batman is tied up in a chair by joker and harley.Cherry Viridi takes btman's cowl off to find batman's identdy to be Bruce Wayne he goes to give penguin Batman's dead corpse she takes it to the cyrus pinkey museum of history to get the money from penguin. She gets 40 grand and takes it to hugo strange who gives her 40 million.
Whitch she uses to buy Arkham aysulm a penthouse a kitten an army's worth of weapons pool and Panzer 2 tank.Cherry Viridi also assassinates the mayor of bludhaven,knightwing,The mayor of gotham,James Gordon, oracle aka barbera gordon,several police officers,7 museum couriators,robin,red hood,and black mask.
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