Boyfriend Imagines

I think we all imagine our dream dates and things that boys should do to us. That is exactly what this is

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Chapter 1.


You have been having one of those stressful weeks. Its finials at school and your parents are super strict. If you don't pull over a 4.0 then your screwed. On the last day of school you are so stressed that by the time you get home you are depressed. You weren't able to enjoy anything and you ignored most of your friends. You feel really bad now but you are upset at how you treated your boyfriend, Alex. He always walks with you to your classes and holds your hand but you were too nervous that you would get there late to wait for him or you were holding a text book so you couldn't hold hands. By the end of the day he didn't bother walking with you. He had gone out with some guy friends to celebrate and you were supposed to be with your best friend but she told you to go home since you were in a mood.
You pulled into your driveway and climbed out. Your parents were both at work and your younger sister was spending the night at a friends house. The way you treated your friends was getting to you now. You turned the tv on and grabbed some ice cream. You put your phone on the side table and started to watch the bachelor. You heard the garage door open and close. Guess Mom was home early. "Hey! Your home early." You said. The ice cream was making you feel a bit better. She didn't say anything. Suddenly there were two hands covering your eyes. You felt a thud land next to you and then you were being pulled in. You could smell Alex's cologne and you stopped fighting.
"Hey babe!" He whispered in your ear. "Just because you ignore me doesn't mean I'm giving up on you" You just melt into his arms.
You start to cry at how thoughtful he is. He brought some movies you had been planning to watch with you best friend. He had tons of candy and popcorn. You guys went through the chick flicks one after another. Apparently he had set the whole thing up. Your parents wouldn't be home until early tomorrow so they could stay up late together. Eventually you fell asleep in his arms. He held you around the waist. Every know and then he would plant a kiss on your head or cheek or lips. He would run his hands through your hair and hold your hand. When you woke up in the morning you had a text from him. He said that he didn't want to leave but you had fallen asleep so he had to go. He thanked you for the fabulous night.
You were filled with joy and happiness and ready to enjoy the summer.
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Comments (3)

Can u name one Vincenzo or Vic or something like that?
on August 09, 2014
I agree with @MockingjayDistrict! You should totally make more stories like this! Love it!
on July 22, 2014
Cool story, I can't wait for more!
on July 22, 2014