You Don't Have To Try

You Don't Have To Try

Sequel to one my story, 'Do You Sometimes Wish You Would Fit In." If you haven't read that one then go and read it now! :)

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Chapter 1.

Trying and changing yourself

"No one has to try. Remember, staying true to yourself is important. Never change for the sake of others or feel like you have to be or act a certain way. You are amazing just the way you are."

That's what I've been told. And it helps. I've had problems at school, not fitting in, being ignored, etc.. and it still goes on and on, like it will never stop. But even if it doesn't stop, just ignore it and be yourself. I once tried being someone who I wasn't and it didn't get me anywhere. I soon learned that being you is important. Others might change to get more popular and it works for them..but it doesn't work for everyone. Like me. It didn't turn out so well. But now all you have to do is push that into the past and look forward. Who cares if people think they're cooler than you. They're not. They're probably just one of those kids who are really popular but they fail in school, like some of my 'so called' friends. Everyone is the same as each other. No one can be un-cool. No one can be cool. We are all the same but most people don't see that.

"This is to all the girls who strongly believe they are not beautiful because of people saying they are ugly, you are perfect the way you are. Please don't change for anyone not even your gf or bf. If you have to change for your gf or bf they don't love you at all. You are beautiful the way you are right now. Beauty isn't looks it's what's on the inside. This goes for boys to because boys think they are ugly BECAUSE OF OTHER GUYS AND GIRLS BUT FOR THOSE BOYS.. YOUR BEAUTIFUL TOO!!"

"Be happy with yourself ♥"

"You DON'T have to try, who cares what you look like or how many people you have dated, or where you shop, or what you eat, all that matters is whats inside. I am sick of the judging, its just so messed up! We are suppose to be a force for good,WE are suppose to influence tomorrows generation, we don't need to buy 500 dollar clothing and do are hair all nice just to impress people! Do what you want not what others want. <3 <3 <3 "

"You don't have to try.

Don't be afraid; there are people out there who will accept you for who you are.

In your attempt to fit in, don't lose your individuality.
You bring something special to the group.
People would like to see who you are.
Just listen to this song, and let loose l know it will be hard, but you built those walls to watch them fall.
You are different, but different is wonderful too.

l think you are amazing on the inside, who ever you are.
You don't need to hide, you don't need to try.


These comments help a lot, so if you ever feel like you're not worth it or ARE. You are beautiful, ignore the mean comments people say to you. Everyone should be true to themselves. If people do call you 'ugly' or 'a waste of space'. You are anything but that. It's what that is inside that matters...
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