tortoise and rabbit part 3

tortoise and rabbit part 3

after the true friendship of them comes a fully fledged war with lots of fun

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Part-3, Part-4 coming soon!!

Part-3, Part-4 coming soon!!

See as per Avik described the true friendship of rabbit and tortoise but later the rabbit (I will call him rabby) thought despite of being slow the tortoise would have survived because of his hard shell or whatever and the tortoise was a bit no – no was at least as much heavy to break his spinal cord.
He wanted revenge!!!! ……………..
On the other side the totty (I will call him totty the tortoise) thought rabbits are dumb they don’t even know how to swim. They are totally fools!
Now starts the real story some animal was spying on totty and he told those words to rabby which resulted in an active pressurized rabbit volcano. (I will not tell who the animal was but we can call him spy.)
Rabby the active volcano challenged totty for a duel. Now see it’s not that funny rabby is not talking about that wrestling duel he is talking about guns!!!
now as per the king of the jungle Mr lion decided it was a good idea but they had agree a deal the one who loses has to sacrifice his skin to him. You would be thinking that I’m talking about guns the loser would be dead right. Wait I will give you the answer.
Time for choosing. Mr Rabby chose super deluxe carrot blaster and Mr totty chose super deluxe shell blaster.  

Do you think these guns can kill anyone? Well ummmmm……. Nope. But yes they can damage! Make super-duper serious injuries and umm well indirectly they can kill!!!! ONLY SOMETIMES! Phew.

Time for counting scores as an accuracy practice match the competitors visited an animal shooing range. Sorry shooting range (Really?) rabby was a bit to excite about his speed of shooting and accuracy but our totty was focused on practice. (The person who is over confident will never ever think like our Rabby)

Time: one day before (um…. It looks like plummeting to death but completion was better) competition.

Mr.? No master rabby:  (interview) I don’t have time just one thing he’s goanna lose!! (What? Just this much not fare with reporters)
And Mr. totty: (he was old) I can’t say anything but one thing is clear rabbits are fools and that spy yes am talking to you please tell them about my beauty. (How about replacing Mr. with Ms.)

Time: the final day

Commentary: count 5_ _ 4 _ _ 3 _ _ 2 _ _ 1

BOOM ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

Every one ran. Lying on the thqe ground was the king himself. Lion!!

To be cont.  …………

Just joking

Here is what happened:-

Totty got to get part in no rabbits club where he met spy who was talking. He was the same one and was disrespecting rabby. Totty hated rabby but hated spy more. He told everything to rabby and they made a plan to first kill the lion take over the throne and then worry about the spy. (Why? See they have singed that silly contract) so. Um. !

                                                                                                THE END
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