Anime story-Corpse party+Higurashi+Ghost hunt (Fanfic)

Anime story-Corpse party+Higurashi+Ghost hunt (Fanfic)

Corpse party and Ghost hunt characters go to Hinamazawa, where the Higurashi characters live, what could go wrong? (Meaning every could go wrong)

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Chapter 1.

Getting settled part 1

NOTE:If you saw this on 'Fanfics' I wrote it on there too it says it at the begining.

Mai stepped on to the train. "So, this town of Hinamizawa is ment to have had strange events happening this time of year, right?" asked Mai. "Mai, I don't know anything about this town, but were gonna find out" replied Naru. "Hey, this time you have to promise you won't do that thing when you walk off and act all mysterious. And the thing when you pretend you don't know the truth when you do, like with that girl that didn't really have the mysterious spoon-bending powers, and you knew it!" yelled Mai "Okay, okay...I promise...for the first hour or so." Giggled Naru to myself. "Don't push it mr!" Mai nudged him in the arm.

"I call the seat next to the window, Naomi!" Seiko said all peppy and joyful as she ran to her seat. "Okay, okay" Naomi took her seat next to her. "Thank you so much, Yui sensei!" Thanked Ayumi "It's going to be so fun, this trip!"

the train left the station.

"Onii-chan, i'v never been on a train before. It's so scary" Yuka cried. Satoshi conforted her. Mai, Naru and the rest walked past. "UGH! No seats left!" moaned Ayako. Mayu stood up, "You can have my seat" she whispered politley. "Th-thanks" Ayako muttered as she took her seat. "But...Mayu, whear-" befor Morishige could finish his sentence there was a big crash.

"Is every okay?!" Mis Yui panicked. Seiko coughed befor she awoke. In about an hour everyone was all fine and alive. "Great start" Yoshiki moaned rolling his eyes. Yui looked embarressed. "Blondy, lay off!" shoued Ayumi. "Okay, okay, we don't wan't to get into anything now" stated Yui as she looked around. "Who is that?!" Seiko screched. "is she okay?" "Oh my goodness" All these diffrent phrases coming from the croud of the Kisaragi students until the yound girl got up. "H-hello" she whispered. "Hey, that girl seems alot like me" smiled Yuka. Yuka skipped up to her. "Are you alright?" The girl noded. "I'm Yuka Mochida! You are?" "I-I'm Satoko Hojo."

Mai over heard and gasped. "Your Satoko?" She asked "your that one girl we'v heard so much about. And your friends with the spawn of a demon or ghost or what ever" Satoko jsut stood there. "I-I don'r know what-" Immedietley Satoko started running and Yuka chased after her. Yuka caught up and grabed Satoko's hand, "why don't you come meet my onii-chan, he is called Satoshi" Yuka reguested. "Satoshi is the name of my Onii-chan too exept I call him Nii-nii" Satoko smiled.

Mai's thoughts-Great, just graet, that Satoko girl is not reasoning with us, this may take time. However, that Mis Yui seems odd, I might wanna check her out as soon as we get confortable here.

Seiko's thoughts-I heared about this shrine or something here and that no one is allowed to enter, but what is a little adventure gonna do right? I'll wake up Naomi in the mourning befor any one els wakes up, at 5:30.

Shion's thoughts-Oh great, another load of people here. Well, I'm going to the shrine tommorow to pick up some things for my sister. At about 6:00, I promised myself that this time I wouldn't let that demon control me again, I promise.
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Heehee, cliff hanger, I'm sure if anyone ones want i'll be happy to addd the next chapter
on November 18, 2014