Nightmare (1)

Nightmare (1)

I recently had a terrifying dream and i thought if yall like scary stories then you will like dis

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Thy nightmare

A boy sits in a tree,a rope around his neck,humming a sorrowful song. Hes crying red,blood. Im sitting under the tree,realizing the horror before me. The boy tilts hid head mumbling the words "im dead,im dead,try n bring me back and your dead too,itss tooo latee". The boy tightens his grip on the tree,whimpering,as if a demon is forcing him to do this. The rope that is tighed around his neck is tyed extremly loosely on a branch above him. Something about the words he mumbled began to make me realize something,he is suicidal obviously,but he is possesed,the blood is one key clue. The boy whimpers loudly then jumps off the tree,strangling himself in vines,instead of the rope,..his limp body sways lightly in the wind,his eyes still bleeding. One of his hands holds a dagger with the words,"your next" scratched into it.

I grab the dagger and am immediatly brought to a dark void,inwhich i find many disturbing things. A man with no face sits facing me in an old rocking chair,everytime he rocks it fills the air with a squeak. A child with no eyes and no hands plays with several other children,playing take,but with knifes,whoever gets tagged,gets killed aswell. I start to pick up my pace once i see a non-human creature feasting on human intestines. A short,frail woman walks up to me holding her boney finger under my chin as if to study if i was worth it for a meal to her god. She steps a side and motions left,i walk slowly into a portal and find myself in another void,but with overly cheerful screams of joy. Little kids playing tag,an old man reading in his rocking chair,and the woman who is now baking cookies..everything spins and i faint,blacking out the world around me. Fire fills my vision and i realize im burning to death,my skin charred already showing the bone and muscle,i scream and try to run away from the flames but nothing works,i die,my guts spilled on the floor.
What happens next is brutal,i stumble into a square,apperently im drunk niow,i throw up on a person wearing a cloak,he stares with wide eyes at my condition,hes probably not human,he unwraps his cloak and sets it on the ground revealing gliterring skin,a vampire,.his eyes are red,the color of evil. He smiles showing blood stined teeth,i fell on the ground trying to scramble awy from him,he lunges onto me,sinking his teeth into my neck,ripping at the flesh,tearing me appart. All i can do is wait for the end.he tears at my clothers and skin,blood gushing from the wounds,i become unconsious. Dead.
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