Super Smash Bros: The QFeast Story

Super Smash Bros: The QFeast Story

How did the Super Smash Bros Characters meet? Read this story to find out!

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Chapter 1.
Pokemon X and Y (Luiose City)

Pokemon X and Y (Luiose City)

        It was summer in the Kalos region. Everyone was outside playing with their Pokemon... when suddenly, a dark cloud appeared right over Lumiose Tower. It spread a huge shadow throughout all of Central Kalos. Nobody could see a thing until...
        "Look! It's Red, the famous trainer from Pallet Town!" someone yelled. And sure enough, Red was standing there with his Pikachu out, who was shining a light from it's tail. "Red! What's going on?"
        "I have no idea," said Red. "The only thing I can think of that can do something like this is... MEWTWO."
        Suddenly a lightning bolt struck Lumiose Tower. Everyone looked up. In the sky, they could see a dark figure.
        "I knew it," muttered Red. "Go! Charizard! Greninja!" He threw two Poke-Balls and out came a Dragon and a Ninja-Frog looking thing. "Charizard! Use Flamethrower! Pikachu! Use Thunderbolt! Greninja! Use Water Gun!"
        The three Pokemon jumped up and attacked, but their attacks barely affected Mewtwo. It attacked back with a move Red had never seen in his life... and suddenly, his Pokemon were gone.
        "No!" shouted Red. "What have you done to them?!"
        "I have teleported them to a different world," said Mewtwo. "You will never see your dear Pokemon again... unless you defeat me."
        "Red!" someone said. Red turned around and saw his rival Blue. "Red, what's going on here?"
        "Mewtwo just teleported my Pokemon to a different world!" cried Red. "I'll never see them again, unless he's defeated!"
        "Just this once, I'll help you out," said Blue. "Go! Jigglypuff! Lucario!" The two Pokemon went flying out of their Poke-Balls... and disappeared. "Wh-what did you do?!" screamed Blue.
        "Say goodbye to your Pokemon... forever!" said Mewtwo as he disappeared, too.
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