The Slender Man Origin. (A Creepypasta Origin!)

The Slender Man Origin. (A Creepypasta Origin!)

Hey everyone! So I've decided to make a series called "The Creepypasta Origins." Hope you like it ;)

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Chapter 1.


The supposed "Slenderman" was working for money so he could pay for his dear family. His name was actually Steve, but his given nickname was "Slenderman" by "Shorty" also known as Thomas. They had a flame war going on through out the town, Thomas tried convincing everyone too call him Slenderman due to his skinny body. No one dared to enter the flame war, no matter what Thonas would give them.

Steve had 2 children, a boy and a girl. The boys name was Kyle, the girls name was Samantha. Kyle spent his life curled in a ball sitting at the computer endlessly staring at the screen. Samantha was a girl like Kyle, staring at her screen all day. Only she had an IPhone, not a computer. They were both about 10 years old.

"Are you mindlessly going to let your kids play technology dumbass?" Thomas yelled from the opposite of the street.

"Dumbass..? What does that mean?" Kyle whispered to Samantha.

"Daad! Kyle said dumbass!" Samantha yelled sounding like a tattle tale.

"Don't say bad words kids okay?" Steve said before sighing.

The kids continued with their pointless gadgets.

Thomas was rather a stubby man with stomach that looked like a balloon. He watched TV nonstop all day before eating junk food. He was probably the laziest man on the street. Steve feared that the Kyle and Samantha would one day turn into him. It was possible due to their lack of real life, that's why Steve tried convincing them into playing sports.

Steve shook his head, sweating at the thought. He didn't want to miss his buisness meeting in the morning, his eyelid flickered quickly seeing a vast beast. He widened his eyes at the transparent creature.

"Long tentacles.. Pale skin.. Faceless.." Steve said to himself. He flickered his eyelid once more hoping it would go. It did. He questioned the look of the monster, it looked the same size as him. He ignored the thought and started doing some research inside.

Steve opened the door. His kids didn't even look at him when he entered, they kept playing their games. He entered his cramped work space and started doing some research. He took a quick look at his watch to see the time.

"Oh crap!" He whispered, he started sweating uncontrollably. If he didn't show up at the meeting he would be fired. He wouldn't get a promotion or anything.

He rushed outside heading for his majestic car..

He widened his eyes in shock and fear. He started sweating even more, he bellowed in anger. Anger filled his body until he could only feel one feeling. Death. He hated this. He was ready to kill Thomas. He didn't want to though, he would get arrested in a heart beat. He didn't want to be a bad example for his slightly young kind children. He wanted to be a good father which took care of kids. In fact, he could think of loads of kids being mistreated by their parents.

"Well well well Slenderman.. Looks like your going to get fired!" Thomas said in a deep voice. He had a baton in his hand along with a lighter, his eyes stared into Steve's soul. Thomas smiled gritting his yellow teeth, he held a cigarette in his hand and started smoking. He headed for Slender. "And now, lets see how you like being caged up in emotions!" Thomas whispered in Steve's ear.

"I'm sure you've heard of SCP foundation Slenderman.." Thomas said grimly.

"Oh god I hate that place.." Steve whispered.

"Then how do you like it being caged up from the town!" Thomas bawled.

Thomas pulled a pocket knife from his hoody pocket, he smiled as his grey hair swept over his pimply face. Steve shook his head letting his blond her cover his eyes. He screamed in horror as Thomas started skinning him. Then came the worst part, Thomas started cutting off his face. Blood racing down, Thomas laughed like a insane clown as he did so.

Steve kept feeling the continuos pain in his face. Blood rushed down his face now looking like a disorted creature, he tried screaming but Thomas cut of his vocal cord in his neck. Finally when the pain stopped, Thomas stabbed Steve in the heart.

Thomas started making dreadful noises. Like ripping paper, the last thing Steve heard was ripping paper. Paper, Paper..

Thomas heard the police coming as he ran. He hid in a bush in order to keep away from the police. They never found him, neither Steve's body. Thomas had taken it with him, he would get a bundle of money for bringing his odd to SCP for the new outrage experiement.

Not too long later Steve's kids were crying. They tried guessing suspects while the police questioned them but they never got it right.

Thomas was at SCP. Secure Contain Protect Foundation, he gave the body to the company. He had a crooked grin on his face.

"Where did you get this?" Asked one of the SCP guards.

"I found it in a graveyard. I call him Slenderman!" Thomas proudly said.

"The blood seems to be warm." Said an SCP guard.

The supposed "Dr. C" and "Dr. S" came into the lab.

"We'll start tests on him straight away!" Dr. S excitedly said.

Steve's corpse was hung onto a metal chain, blood still dripping from his face. There wer estrange sounds coming from inside the lab, Thomas's mouth dropped open in amazement. Everyone in the room was speechless about the transformation.

"I better be going." Thomas calmly said.

"Goodbye Mr. Cliver!" Dr. C kindly said.

Thomas was at home, reading his newspaper. He didn't worry about the SCP foundation since they seemed to have everything under control.


A camera was scoping the whole thing. Spying, until a guard came at the camera and screamed.

"SCP-1 IN SEGMENT! I REPEAT, HE HAŚ BROKEN OUT!" The guard screamed into the camera.

Before the camera turned off there was a glimpse of a figure in the corner with long tentacles and a slender body, the most odd thing about him was his face, it had no face. It was pale white skin and crashing people into walls and trying to break free.

Thomas. Calmly sitting on a couch looking like an overweighted elephant. He adjusted his chair and kept reading some old gossip he had found in his wife's room that she used to have. She had moved out taking her kids with her. He heard a noise come from outside of his little house.

"Why would anyone be hanging around my house its like midnight!" Thomas whispered in fury.

The lights suddenly all turned off.

"What the hell is going on?!" Thomas yelled.

There were sounds of quiet footsteps creeping. Thomas started shivering in fear, he curled up into a ball on the couch and shook uncontrollably.

"Knock knock.." A wisp dark voice whispered.

"W-who's there..?" Thomas said in dread.

Thomas shook quietly. He feared that the stranger would turn off his vision forever. Making him rest for a very long time.

"Slender.." The voice started building up. It got louder and darker as he spoke.

"Slender who?" Thomas started crying. He knew someone was in his house and he just sat their unable to call the police due to the darkness within the house. He felt breathing on his neck and didn't dare to turn around.

The last thing he ever heard was a name he remembered. Too bad his muffled screams blocked him from saying help.

"Slenderman." The voice laughed.

"Man deceased! Man was at midnight when stranger came and murdered him. His eyes were missing and he was coughing out blood, he is now in a grave yard with his family praying for him. And later 2 children taken from their homes and gone missing, along with 5 other children. Also, SCP sued for mutating a dead man and making him a creature. Police are questioning what they made, most of the SCP foundation were dead."

"Dr. S, who killed the crew and what did you make?"

"Eas-y! Both answers are s-simple! His name is Slenderman."
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