The Curse (1)

A young werewolf named Maikota finds out that her whole life has been a complete lie.

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The Truth

Maikota walked into the camp, seeing the other young wolves training or practicing their powers; one of them, a young silver female was, playfully, throwing snowballs at a gray werewolf male who was trying to control fire. Maikota smiled as she continued to walk across the camp, heading to a rather large boulder.

“Maikota!”,a voice called. She stopped and turned to see the silver female pup and the gray male staring up at her, their eyes wide.

“Can you show us?”,the silver pup asked, her purple eyes shining.

“Sure Zakura. I don’t mind.”,Maikota said with a smile.  “Yes!”,Zakura exclaimed. Maikota chuckled and then looked around for her parents. When she didn’t see them, she breathed a sigh of relief. Walking over to the boulder, she climbed on top of it and sat down cross-legged. Closing her eyes she breathed in once, held it, and then exhaled. She heard the pups gasp. Opening her eyes, she saw that the trees were slowly bending, the earth was shaking a bit, and the leaves were floating around. Looking up towards the sky, she also saw lightning flashing in the clouds.

“Maikota!”, a gruff voice called from across the camp. She jumped, seeing her father by the camp’s entrance,  and accidentally caused one of the nearby trees to fall down  next to him, which caused dirt from the roots to go all over his body. Her father was a large, gray and brown werewolf with deep dark brown eyes. He, much like herself, wore a buckskin loincloth. He shook the dirt out of his fur coat smiling, though his eyes were wary of her.  She hopped off the boulder and began to walk to him, her ears back and her tail lowered.

“hey Maikota, when will you teach me how to do that?”,the gray pup asked her. She stopped and squatted down so that she could look him in the eyes. Placing a pawed- hand on his shoulder, while the other touched the ground, she said, “Never. You have to be a taught by your….parents how to control fire. That is all.” She then stood up and started to walk away.

“But you can control Earth and Lightning!”, the pup protested. She stopped and whirled around, her eyes glaring down at him.

“I didn’t ask for this!”, she snarled.

Zeke backed away, his eyes fearful. Zakura was also scared.

“Maikota, you need to calm down now.”,said a feminine voice. Maikota turned to see it was her mother, Kinta.  By now trees were falling down all over the place, while in the sky lightning flashed, a few times it would touch the ground just 200 feet from the camp. Maikota closed her eyes and breathed in through her mouth and out her nose. After a while, everything stopped and the sky was sunny again.
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