My Worst Drug Experience

This is wild. The worst day of my actual life, i thought i was dying. I don't smoke often, and i'm not promoting it, but yeah. I don't do it often, i'm a little weak to its affects.

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I hate myself

I just felt like writing this for the people who want to hear my worst experience with drugs. It's weed, so don't crucify me.

First of all, my first regret is smoking with somebody i don't like. I hate her, but because i hate her, i didn't believe her edibles wouldn't be as good as others I've had. I was wrong. I didn't like the other girl with us either, she was my best friends ex and she was a major hoe. Always wanna go around and stuff, i don't like her.

When it hit me about an hour later i was f*cked up, but i was also f*cked up before hand. She invited this chick with some major issues with us, and tried to help her run away. That was issue #1. Then tt fully hit me. My head was spinning and i thought i was dying. Everything felt like slow motion and it hurt to even think about something too hard.

Later on, they made me cross a long road to our local HEB (walmart but not for white trash). I don't remember crossing, i don't remember much. When you're that high or high in general, you don't remember much. I remember being on the other side having a panic attack. Issue #2.

We went to subway. I did not buy anything, instead i took a bag of chips, thought i paid for it, then screamed when i left realizing i stole it.

We later got frozen yogurt, it tasted like the best thing ever. I was short on money though so i got very little. Very sad.

I kept texting my boyfriend to pick me up, but he was at the doctors with his sister, so he called our friend Zach to pick me up. I don't know why i just didn't tag along with him, but decided to stay with these two stupid chick i didn't even like.

I entered the car and immediately starting telling Zach what happened, offered to take me with them to his friend's place then my boyfriend would pick me up, and i still just don't know why I didn't say okay.

My boyfriend later lectured me on drug usage, which was a big 'I told you so', since he told me not to go and not to do anything. We always ask for permission because we like knowing what we're both doing and all that gay stuff.

I regret not saying okay, but i had a killer headache.

Don't do what i did.
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