The Story Of Rose Quartz

The Story Of Rose Quartz

This is about Rose Quartz the leader of the crystal gems and how she was born and what she did on homeworld and how she learned to fight.

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Chapter 1.
Rose Quartz Was Born

Rose Quartz Was Born

So Yellow Diamond the leader of Homeworld was fighting in a war and then she won and went to homeworld to make a Rose Quartz and so she did and the recipe mixed and Rose Quartz was born and she was confused and Yellow Diamond said "this is homeworld and I'm gonna teach you how to fight and defend yourself from enemies and how to hurt the Earth and build your own team"

Rose Quartz's dress was white and split to where her legs were showing and has rap shoes and a white dress with rose's on them and a white hat with a rose on it and Jasper said "who is that" Yellow Diamond said "this is Rose Quartz I just created her I'm gonna teach her how to fight and defend herself and hurt the Earth and use her powers so Jasper go do something for now until I'm done go on a mission"

Yellow Diamond said "the first thing your gonna learn is how to summon a weapon now weapons can be summoned all different ways you can dance and summon your weapon like this or you can do something and summon your weapon or you can exercise and summon your weapon or you can jump and form your weapon or you can just pull your weapon out of your gem and do nothing try it" Rose Quartz said "okay"

Rose Quartz just pulled her weapon out of her gem and it was a shield and a sword and Yellow Diamond said "good job now let me show you how to defend yourself okay if someone throws a power ball at you then put your shield in your face and try to push the attack back at them like this and if someone tries to punch you put your fist in your face and punch them back and you can kick them and stump on them

so  let me try to throw an attack at you and you can use your shield and see if I get poofed" Yellow Diamond fired a laser at Rose and she used her shield to block her laser and it hit Yellow Diamond and Yellow Diamond said "good job your lucky I'm not hurt really bad and I am forced to retreat back into my gem where I regenerate into a new form now that's all for today I will teach you more tomorrow in the mean time practice defending yourself" so Rose Quartz left.
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