Warrior Cats || Burning Stars || Book One || Stepping Stones

Warrior Cats || Burning Stars || Book One || Stepping Stones

For generations, four clans ruled. They shared four different terrains: AshClan ruled the dead forest with the hard rock ground, MarshClan ruled the marshy area, DawnClan ruled the oak forest with its soft grass, and ShadeClan ruled the forest were grass was short and dead, and huge pine trees blocked out the sun at all hours. But when one cat was born in AshClan on the rainiest night, and new prophecy was set out leaving the runt of the litter to wonder: would she make it out alive, or would she die trying?

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Chapter 1.

Extra Info

This part will containe extra info, such as what the clans prey is and what the clans camps look like.

Prey: Mice || Birds || Deer ||
Enemies: Badgers || Other Clans || Wolves
Breeds: Tabbies || Siberians || Norwegian Forest Cats || Maine Coons || Rag-dolls || Savannah F-1s
Camp: see comment section for link
Extra fact: All elders are killed by there leader as a "death by great claws".

Prey: Toads/Frogs || Water Voles || Mice
Enemies: Alligators || Other Clans || Hawks
Breeds: American Curls || Devon Rexs || Cornish Rexs || Munchkins || Singapuras
Camp see comment section for link

Prey: Mice || Rabbits || Voles
Enemies: Foxes || Other Clans || Bears
Breeds: Birmans || Ragdolls || Himalayans || Exotic Shorthairs || Bermeses
Camp: see comment section for link

Prey: Moles || Birds || Mice
Enemies: Other Clans || Rouges || Elk
Breeds: Bengals || Orientals || Havanas || Siameses
Camp: see comment section for link
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