It Wont Hurt

It Wont Hurt

A short story about It Wont Hurt. Short and maybe confusing for some..

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It Hurts..

It Hurts..

A Bus was driving down a narrow street in the middle of the night. It was passing through a forest. An old woman on the bus shouted out to the driver "STOP THE BUS!¨. The driver said ¨ We can stop at the next stop¨. She sat back in her seat. After about 10 seconds she shouted again ¨ STOP THE BUS,I BEG YOU!!¨. The driver stopped the bus near some trees. The old woman got out of the bus and faded away in the dark thick trees. the driver decided to wait for her out of curiosity. After about 2 minutes the old woman came back on the bus holding a little girls hand. The old woman said ¨I found her out in the woods, a rope was tied to her neck, i caught her right has she was about to jump.¨ The driver then said ¨How did you know she was out there. The old woman replied ¨ "I dont know, i just felt a presence out in the woods.¨ The little girl then said ¨ Mommy told me put me there and told me to Jump when i got bored...¨ . After the old woman came on the bus with the little girl, the driver closed the door and continued driving. After about 20 minutes or so, a woman was seen standing at the side of the road. The driver stopped and let her in. After she got on the bus the little girl got up and said, ¨ Mommy you said it Wouldn't´t hurt...¨
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