One last time

One last time

Braxis has lost everything to the demons his family his love now he has set off to destroy the demon inner circle. H has killed six out of seven now it is time for one last battle

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Locating the last one

Locating the last one

Braxis looks through his bag. "It's got to be here some where." He says to himself. After awhile he gives up." I lost a demon horn." He complains. "How do you lose a three foot demon horn?" He gets up what ever I'll cut Othmos's other horn off when I kill him." He grins at the thought of killing the demon king. "All I have to do is find the gate way to hell." He walks for two hours having no luck at finding the gate." That angel said that it was somewhere around here." All of a sudden he hears the flapping of wings. He looks up to see what looks like a man soaring through the sky. He grins evilly. "Jackpot." He says. He pulls out his crossbow and takes aim. "Where there is a fallen angel there's hell." He says as he pulls the trigger and lets an arrow fly toward the fallen angel. Seconds later the angel falls from the sky. Braxis quickly climbs a tree desperate to find the downed angel after ten minutes of looking he finally spots it. He jumps out of the tree and dashes to the angel. When he reaches the realizes that the arrow hit one of the lungs. He winces at the thought of the pain. "Finally found you." He says sarcastically. "Could I ask you a favor before I put you out of your misery?" He ask pulling out his knife. The angels eyes go wide. "what do you want?" He asks. Braxis looks at him with a slight smile. "where is the gate way to hell?" The angel makes an effort to back away but doesn't get that far. "Y-you're B-b-braxis?" he asks out of realization. Braxis nods. "Don't wear it out just tell me where the gate is and I might let you live." He smiles. The angel pulls out a map and hands it to Braxis. "Good boy." Braxis says and take the map. "Get out of here before I change my mind on not killing you." He says and walks away. "One step closer he mutters under his breath. He walks for two more hours until he comes up to a cave. "This is it." He says and pulls out his giant sword. "It's show time!" He says excited

                                                                                                                                                       To be continued
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