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a long lost.friend? why did slendy send me instead of masky or toby or someone else?

published on September 13, 201839 reads 7 readers 0 not completed
Chapter 1.

chapter 1

my pov

I was following a guy. I can't believe slenderman sent me to watch him instead of someone else.


I was in slenderman's office and he told me I had to watch this guy and I had to say yes when I heard the name. I blinked several times "you can't mean that brian as in the brian I know" I asked a little worried and scared. Slenderman nodded "yes that one" he said and I almost fell over but I caught myself. I looked at slenderman and nodded "I'll do it" I said and left.

*end of flashback*

i finally get to see brian again
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