The world at your feet and the weight of the world on your shoulders. Children of the super-elite class bear the burden of success as they are being groomed as heirs to their family

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Chapter 1.

chapter 1

I am Kim tan. I live in America but I am Korean and the story is so long and you will realize it alone. I am going to surf now with my friends. I love surfing I am an expert. “Let’s go” I said. We had a good time surfing. The day I left abroad, the farewell said by hyung my brother to me was simple, short, and honest. “Studying? You don’t have to do it that hard” he said. “Just live as you want, without worrying or even thinking”. “Usually, that’s what heirs of rich families do. Rather than having dreams.” “And if possible don’t even come back.” That moment, I realized that I didn’t come to the United States to study abroad, but that I was being exiled. Also that hyung was already retrieving the things that I’ll be losing someday.  I went to a café with my friend Johnny. “Want some more coffee?“ said The Korean waitress. “You don’t blame them?  Your brother who hates you… your mother who gave birth to you, or your father who never takes your side?” Johnny asked. To be able to blame someone, I’m too lazy.

“Hey body, what are you planning to do since its vacation?” park lee asked. He was sitting in a hidden place with his evil friends “Oh if I don’t see you after all these days, I’ll miss you. Right?” said park lee. “Why, you won’t miss me?” asked park lee to the poor boy while hitting him. “Sorry you are not hurt?” asked park lee while laughing. He left his place so he could go see the new motorcycle.
“Muffler, flashing kit, seat, handle, and headlamp everything you ordered” said the shop keeper. “As high as the price, you are going to make a profit, aren’t you?” said park lee. “But you are a loyal costumer!” said the shop keeper. “The chicken you have ordered has arrived” said Ha Ni. “Somebody gets her the money” said the shop keeper. “Yeah” said the worker. “Its 16,100 won.” Said Ha Ni. “Are you going to buy some candy with it?” said the worker laughing. “It’s the change, give me the bills” said Ha Ni. “A pretty smart part timer I see. High school?” asked the worker. “The bills are on the box” said Ha Ni. “When does your part-time job finish?” asked the worker. “Should I take you on a motorcycle ride?” “No” said Ha Ni. “Give me the money” “Don’t play hard to get…” said the worker. “Yeah hello. I’m in the second year of high school and I currently have a part time job” said Ha Ni talking in the phone. “Hey. Who are you calling?” asked the worker. “The police station” said Ha Ni. “Huh?” asked the worker. “Hey!” said the worker. “Student it was just a joke, a joke!” “Enjoy your meal” said Ha Ni.
I’m Ha Ni. I work in part time jobs. Now I’m in a café working. It’s not a popular café but it’s ok. I just have to gain money so I could live with my mom. My mom works as a maid in a house…A big one and I have to help her. I have a sister she lives in the United States. I envy her…    
“When did you come?” Ha Ni asked. “30 minutes ago.” said Seung Jo. “You have been here for 30 minutes? Without even ordering?” said Ha Ni. “The manager will be mad if he heard it!” “Bo Na’s not here… she’s almost arrived” said Seung Jo. “There are so many coffee shops in Seoul, why did you…? said Ha Ni. Seung Jo gave Ha Ni an umbrella. ”on your way home from your part time job its going to rain” said Seung Jo. “If you gave this to me, what about your girlfriend?” said Ha Ni. “Bo Na always lives the life of a star in a movie.” said Seung Jo. “So you have to hurry and get a boyfriend.” “Do you think I have time for a boyfriend?” Ha Ni asked. “How many part time jobs you are doing now?” Seung Jo asked. “What can I do?” Ha Ni asked. “The only heaven permitted to me is the part time job heaven.” “Seung Jo lower your eyes!” said Bo Na. “You are here?” Seung Jo asked. “I thought I told you to stop trying to seduce my boyfriend!” said Bo Na. “Do you think I’m that pretty? Ha Ni asked. “I never said you were pretty” said Bo Na. “yeah, but you are extremely pretty” said Ha Ni. “So stop wasting a part timer’s time.” “Would you like to order or leave?” “Wow! Can you treat a costumer like this? The service here is seriously missed up!” said Bo Na. “Seung Jo, let’s go you are leaving tomorrow, so spending time here with her is a waste.” “Are you going somewhere?” Ha Ni asked. “Just… for a little while-“said Seung Jo. “No! Don’t tell her! I am going to be the only one who knows! Let’s go!” said Bo Na. “wait, I told you to wear a basic red leather item as fashion statement.” “This. Its red” said Seung Jo. “This isn’t red, its dark red! You are hopeless” said Bo Na. “let’s go”.

I don’t like Ha Ni, I really hate her a lot” said Bo Na. “don’t be like that” said Seung Jo. “I hate her even more when you say that” Bo Na shouted. “Ha Ni and I are just friends” said Seung Jo. “She has been my friend for half of my life.” “You are a liar” said Bo Na.

“Hey sister how is school?” said Ha Ni talking in the phone “you are lucky, sister. You got to go to college in the states.” “Anyway, give me a call. I miss you.” Ha Ni continued walking and it began to rain just like Seung Jo said. Funny, isn’t it? Ha Ni tried to open the umbrella but it does not open. Said Ha Ni shocked. “Why isn’t the umbrella working?” she didn’t find any other solution so she went under a store roof.  “Oh it’s a dream catcher”. “I’ll buy it” Ha Ni whispered.
Ha Ni’s mom can’t talk. As she was working in the big house a lot of things happen there it’s not a good house. Ha Ni’s mom is responsible of a lot of things there. “Madame Han says she wants her meal”. Said the maid to Ha Ni’s mom. “She is being hysterical, so watch out.” “It seems like her son who’s in the states isn’t picking up her calls.” Ha Ni’s mom smiled at what the maid said and walked away. She went to the Madame and she was trying to call her son “Kim Tan” in the phone. “Come on!” Madame Han said shouting. “Why aren’t you picking up? Why?” “What’s the matter with the soup?” “You can’t talk, and you can’t even taste food. What the hell do you use your mouth for?” said the Madame to Ha Ni’s mom. “I’ll prepare it again.”  Ha Ni’s mom wrote it on a piece of paper. “It will take too much time.” “Take it away” said the Madame. “The president is here” said the maid in a rush. Madame Han felt a little bit nervous and quickly removed the red wine. “Already” said Madam Han shocked. “What should I do with this?” said the Madame pointing to the wine. Suddenly Ha Ni’s mom took the wine and poured it to the soup. “Hey are you crazy?” said the Madame. The president entered the room. The president is Kim tan brother “hyung” but they are from different mothers but the same father. Kim Tan mother they call her mistress… so they pretend that this is not Kim Tan’s mother. And hyung’s mother passed away. “Oh, you are home. Did you have dinner?” said Madame Han. “I ate a late lunch” said hyung with a cold voice. “That’s bad for your health. Next time-“ said Madame Han without completing the sentence. “Who cleaned my room today?” said hyung. “I did.” Said the maid a little bit afraid. “Do it again” said hyung.

Ha Ni went home and also her mother. Ha Ni’s mother served the food Ha Ni looked at the food and looked a disgusting look. “What?!
Madame Han gave this for us to eat. Shut up and eat it” said Ha Ni’s mom with sign language. “If Madame Han gave this to us, am I supposed to shut up and eat it?” said Ha Ni. “What’s more important than eating well?” said Ha Ni’s mom. “Do you think it’s possible, on our income, to eat these things?” “Is it my fault that we can’t afford this? You eat it on your own” said Ha Ni. Ha Ni left the table and entered her room and shut the door. “b*tch, she gets to live in luxury alone.” Said Han Ni while looking at her sister’s photo. Ha Ni’s mom entered the room and started talking by sign language. “Okay from now on, I won’t bring them home.” “What time do you go to work tomorrow? I need to go to the bank” “how many times have I told you that you don’t have to visit the bank in person! You can do internet banking!” said Ha Ni while shouting. “How much do you need to send to my sister?” “It’s more secure to go in person. How can money just go to the states by hitting the computer keyboard from home?” said Ha Ni’s mom. “Send everything in that account.” “$8300. All of this?!” said Ha Ni while shouting. “Everything? Why? Did she say she was in trouble?” “Tell her to buy a closet or something, your sister is getting married” said Ha Ni’s mom. “What? She is doing what?” Ha Ni asked.
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