Soul Eater - Odd One Out (OC story)

Soul Eater - Odd One Out (OC story)

I just copyed this from my word-pad, I wote this awhile ago... not finished, but I might at a later time. I do not own Soul Eater, in any way, shape or form.

published on June 09, 20156 reads 5 readers 2 not completed
Chapter 1.


(class starts at 7:30am)

7:26... I can do this... I can still make it in time! I thought to myself. I was running down the corridors, trying to find the classroom entitled "Crescent Moon".
My name is Shinjitsu Roeru, (Shin as my friends from my past life called me). I'm tall, pale skinned, with green/gray eyes and brown hair that go's down to the end of my ass(it's up in a messy bun, to keep outta the way).
And currently, I'm trying to get to my class in time. But somebody thought that making the whole damn school a giant maze, was a good idea. Asshole.


...Ah here we go I found the door, above it was a sign that read: Class Crescent Moon. I opened the door and looked into the room. In front of me there was student seating, to my right there was a teachers desk some 16 yards off. To my left... there was a wall. (Nice going idiot, almost smashed your face into it.)
Most of the students were already here, and in their seats. I walked in and took a seat towards the back of the room. From there a could see most of the room. The front of the room had a big blackboard on the wall.


Everything seemed normal enough, except, no teacher. That's alright though, it's the first day of classes and it takes a while to get into a good routine. Hell, I could hardly get outta bed this morning, much less eat a good breakfest.


La la la la la... waiting for the teacher to arrive...La la la la la...I don't know anybody here, nor do I care...La la la la la...I'm a double headed scythe that has no Meister...La la la la la...It's almost ti-


At exactly 7:30, the door to the room busted open and something tumbled through said door way. It spun out into the middle of the room, and then I noticed it wasn't a thing that came through here. It was a WHO. A man. He had what looked to be a screw through his head, and was turning it. He also looked to be sitting in a chair, but both he and the chair was on the ground. The man rouse to his feet, he rose his chair with him. And I got a better look at this weird man standing before us all.
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Cool so far! I like it. Make more!
on July 30, 2015
on June 10, 2015