The Weskers' Biography.

A biography about me and my friends' roleplay character, some are made up by me however.

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Chapter 1.

The Beginning

In the very beginning, the Wesker Brothers had not known about their enlarged family, however, in their early ages, their mother was killed by a hooded figure, who only said the words "The start of a war AND an investigation, starts now." After that, the investigators found a bladed knife, used just by humans, as the knives we used at the time were made of nano-steel. The hooded figure was never found, and mysteriously, left a note in the Family Heirloom's Chest, with just the letter 'W' on the front, the back had a date and place on it, 3/26/59, Skaarsgard Mansion.

However, when entering the mansion, the investigators found no trace of the Hooded Figure... But the owner (Who died 23 years later) had talked with the investigators, stating that the situation was odd, and that nobody could have entered his home at the date said, as he "Wasn't home" and "Security would've been set off" (His security system was tested and proved he was not home at the time) However, when retrieving lost reports, an investigator found a note saying "Well, now that you have found the first note, why not try to find the rest?" The letter I was on it this time.

However, they stopped searching after the second note said the date 3/26/82. The death date of the owner of Skaarsgard Mansion.
This death was unrelated, being a natural-caused death of old age.
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Comments (2)

A biography of my character and my friend's, enjoy!
I also tried to make the 'relieved of duty' part a bit like a person making a small joke about that sort of thing.
on June 29, 2015
on June 29, 2015