BR: Ruby's Past

I really just am going to stop with the sneak peeks in the description. It just makes sense. AAAnyway, have fun! By the way, I saw that people could do Lemon, and I've actually been wondering if we could, so why not? Starting after chapter 2. But there will be a warning, so don't worry. Okay, I just finished it.

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Chapter 1.

The Morning

Rose smiled. It was about 10:00 in the morning, and EJ was still asleep. She could tell by his breathing. Rose smiled, and felt paws hit her. She turned, and looked at Ruby. "Hey, you." EJ groaned. "Huh? Oh, hi Ruby." She looked at him. He was blushed hard. "Relax." Rose said. "She didn't see us. I closed the..." She paled. "EJ. Either someone opened the door to let Ruby in, or..." Someone chuckled behind them.
Rose paled. They hadn't touched, they had just kissed, but still. "Hello, Rose." Offendy chuckled. She eyed her knives, but Offendy had them already. EJ got up. He put his mask on. "Leave her be!" Rose gasped. "You." EJ moved, and gasped. She had fireballs in her hand. "Is this for the whipping? Becuase that was fun. Luara thought so too. Seeing you flinch like that. Seeing you in pain. All while we both were fine. Unharmed." Offendy growled, and came close to her. EJ slapped him. "Stay away!" Rose pulled him back before Offendy could harm him. "EJ, we need to get out."
EJ nodded, and ran for the door. Rose tripped, but was still behind him. Offendy pushed EJ out, and he tumbled into the living room. Jeff helping EJ, and trying to get into the room was the last thing she saw before the door closed. He locked it. He laughed. "Now, then." Rose gasped. She had nowhere to hide. "Ruby!" Offender looked behind, and Ruby threw herself on his face. He growled and threw her back. Rose gasped as she was picked up. "You already had me once, but again? Why can't you leave me be?" Offendy smiled. "Either you or Broken." Rose answered, "Fine. Just stay away from Broken." Offendy lift her head up with his tentacle.
"Good girl." She cried silently. He pinned her to the ground, and licked her neck. She tried to kick, but he was strong. "No! Broken!" Rose cried. Broken came in, and saw Offenderman. She opened the door, and Rose stopped struggling. "Stop. I'm sorry I called you in here. Broken, you have to let the boys handle this. He wants us. I can't let you get hurt over me. Please." Broken shook her head. "No! We all fight, or go down fighting." Toby growled. "Yeah!"
Rose smiled, and the Offenderman pulled her zipper down. She blushed, and a knife hit his head. She looked to everyone, and Jeff was in a throwing form. Offender pulled Rose off the wall, and she gasped. He was holding her at the waist, and the zipper on her jumpsuit was not staying where it was. She blushed. "I'm so sorry." She clawed at his hand, and he let her go, blood pooling everywhere. She fell to the floor with a thud, and EJ picked her up.
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