Chapter Previews!

Chapter Previews!

This is for the previews of the chapters and stories that I write for your critique and all that stuff. (BTW It has my other screen name on it ad i'm to lazy to change it.)

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The Trials. -Prologue preview-

The Trials. -Prologue preview-

Ambrosia unlocked the door and entered, waving to her friend's parents before shutting and locking the door. She checked her phone quickly, because she heard it ping during the ride back. 'Sorry that you couldn't stay longer, I have an appointment for my hair stylist.' Ambrosia scoffed gently before typing 'It's cool, I understand. Maybe we can hange out more next weekend?' She checked the time quickly. 12:38am "Wow." she muttered before shutting off the phone. She removed her jacket and placed it on the hanger before removing her shoes. She wrinkled her nose slightly when a slight irony smell was discovered. "Jesus.." she muttered, covering her nose with her hand. She walked into the kitchen and flipped the light on, she answered her friend's text once again and placed the phone on the counter so she could get a cup down from the cupboard. Something fell upstairs and pursed her lips. "Who the frick-" she muttered, whatever the frick fell must have been pretty damn heavy to make a noise that noticeable.

Ambrosia moved her hair away from her face and behind her ear before filling up the glass with water and taking a drink. She placed the glass in the fridge before fixing her bra strap and she walked out of the kitchen, placing her backpack on the couch. She picked up a cane from the closet and walked up stairs, taking two at a time. I'm too tired for this bullshit. She thought, rubbing her forehead. She recoiled when she stepped into something wet. "The frick-" she muttered, stepping back. She squatted a bit, squinting a bit. After a while, she just rolled her eyes and cleared her throat a bit before standing up and making her way to check on her younger brother. She pursed her lips when she saw that the door was open, because her mom or dad usually shuts his door before they went to bed. She entered the room and covered her nose as she was assaulted with the irony smell once more. "Jesus fricking Christ." she muttered, flipping on the light. She saw dark red covering her brother's crib and she dropped the cane in shock. "Jason?" She asked, rushing towards the crib.

She tried not to scream with she saw her little brother's mutilated body laying in the bloodstained crib. She then back away from the crib and rushed to her parents room where the door was shut. She turned the knob but it wouldn't turn all the way. "Mom?! Dad?!" she cried, driving her shoulder into the wood. "Open the door!" she yelled, driving her shoulder into the door over and over again. After a couple more tries and heavy force, she broke the door open, stumbling and tripping over something. She landed something wet and she scrambled up, her heart racing. She flipped the light on quickly and she let out a blood curdling scream at the bodies of her mother and father. Her mother was laying on the bed, the white sheets stained with dark red, and her father, laying on the floor face up, his stomach and chest cut open and blood on him, the wall, and a puddle of blood around him.

She felt like she was going to be sick, as she rushed out of
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