Love of two

Love of two

This story is about two animatronics Springtrap and Golden Freddy.Will Goldy love Springtrap back or will he sees him as a friend?

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Chapter 1.
The beginning of time

The beginning of time

It was early in the day and it was the first time that the restaurant opened up the two robots stood there on stage.One was a bear named Fredbear or other known as Golden Freddy and the other is a bunny named SpringBonnie or other known as Springtrap.When they activated they turned into their human forms and Fredbear started to interact with the kids by singing to them.SpringBonnie stood their playing his gituar and watching the bear but everytime Fredbear looked at him he looked away which made him chuckled softly but then the disaster started because in his bear form a child got stuffed in his mouth stopping him from talking and he accidentally closed his jaws breaking and hurting the hold.After that he was depressed and they changed his name to Golden Freddy.SpringBonnie was put in the back along with Golden.

He promised Spring to always be his friend. He scooted next to Spring and shuts down. He looked at Spring and never knew why his friend was shy around him. He felt movement and he fell to his side and seen that his friend is missing so he thought that the owner is finally putting them back on stage but years went by he never got to be the attraction but realized that he will never sing or see his friend which made the bear filled with anger and hatred for anyone. So he started to work on killing the humans who stay at night. He was also hurt because his friend left him there alone in the backroom.
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