Redik X Jackie

Redik X Jackie

Guess what? It's finally here! The first ship story between me and Helldiver_Demon! Beware that a couple chapters will be lemons though!

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"Am I your Senpai yet?"

The day felt normal. The sun was high in the sky, its rays of warmth shining down onto the ground. There were little sightings of clouds, and outside was packed. And yes, most were playing Pokemon GO.
But this story isn't about Pokemon GO. This story is of two lovers.
A man, and a woman, 19 and 18 years old. The man, Redik, was sat in his living room. He felt bored, however, for his lover was not there. The woman, Jackie, had gone into the kitchen to pour some cold drinks. It was almost summer, after all, and the weather was very hot outside. What a better way to keep cool than with a cold drink, complete with ice cubes?
Jackie carried the drinks into the living room, setting them on the table as she sat down. "Sorry that took a while," she spoke. "I'm still not used to where things are here."
Redik simply smiled, pulling her close to him. "It's okay, my dear." He planted a soft kiss on her cheek. "I'd wait forever for you."
That made Jackie blush. She had only just moved in with Redik, and so she wasn't exactly sure of where everything belonged. She was worried that her uncertainty, which has caused a bit of a mess, would anger Redik.
But instead, it only made him smile. She couldn't believe it.
"We're finally moved in together..." Jackie broke the silence. "It's... a little scary.."
"Far away from home?" Redik replied.
Jackie nodded. "I'm still keeping contact with my parents, though."
"That's good."
"So, tell me..." Jackie inched a little closer. "Is life good, in England?"
"Very good, since I have you."
She blushed again.
"Now..." Redik then lifted Jackie's chin, so their eyes were staring unto each other. "Answer a question of mine."
"Am I your Senpai yet?"
Redik had considered Jackie a Senpai ever since they met online. But he had always wondered if she had also considered him as one. The question burned permanently into his mind, and has never escaped him since.
"Oh, umm..."
Redik chuckled.. This time, he planted a kiss on her forehead. I'm joking, Hun."
But in his mind, he was not. Something in his mind kept chanting, begging, for him to become her Senpai. And Redik knew of a few ways to draw Jackie's attention.
The only question - which method to do?
"Hey, you remember what today is, right?"
"The anniversary of when we got together."
It was true. It really was that day.
"Oh, yeah."
"And I have something special for us tonight..." As Redik said that, his voice sounded very... seductive. Like he was planting ideas into Jackie's head, or submissing her into obeying his every command. His lips trailed to hers, as they soon connected. Each of them held here e other close, both pressing their lips against the other.
But Redik wanted more.
So did Jackie.
Redik soon pulled away, slight enough to see her eyes. "We'll continue tonight."
"Okay," Jackie nodded.
Could tonight be the night? Was Redik going to become Jackie's Senpai? He had to seal the deal tonight, he simply had to.
And he knew the perfect idea of how. One that would satisfy Jackie so much.
But he had to start preparing it.
Starting with the selection of wine.
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