His High-functioning Sociopath (BBC Sherlock Fanfiction)

His High-functioning Sociopath (BBC Sherlock Fanfiction)

Elizabeth Peyton is Sherlock's best friend from school. They are like two peas in a pod. Both are smart, they can do deductions, and they do almost everything together. Join them from childhood to adulthood with their adventures, and how far they have accomplished. And also what they're feelings are for each other.

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Chapter 1.

Chapter 1

"Go away Sherlock, play with your friends or something." a teenage boy Mycroft snaps, closing his door on his younger brother, Sherlock.
    "I don't have any friends." Sherlock mumbles.
"Then make some!" Mycroft snaps back. Mycroft is in one of his moods today, being grouchy and closing himself from Sherlock and everyone else. Sherlock sighs sadly, heading outside to the park near his home.
    He sits next to a girl around his age, but did not pay attention to her, instead deducing people that are in his sight. The usual on a day when he's bored.
    "That woman over there is cheating on her boyfriend, " the girl said from beside him, looking at a woman who is texting a lot on her phone, ignoring the guy across from her. "I think he's going to snatch her phone -" as soon as that was said, the man did snatch the phone, staring at the phone shocked, looking at the texts. "-and look at what she's doing." the girl finishes, shaking her head at the couple. "Stupid people. It's so obvious, I'm surrounded by idiots everyday."
    "How did you do that?" Sherlock asks her baffled. He never seen this girl before, and only knew him and his brother could deduce people, nobody else.
    "Easy, I observe." she answers, adjusting her glasses. She was quite small, black hair, brown eyes, pale skin, blue glasses. She wore sneakers, with jeans and a band shirt. She didn't really look like a girl, with her fashion.
    "William Holmes." Sherlock introduces, cringing at his first name. He had to introduce himself like that though, his mother's rule, until he is old enough to decide for himself.
    "Elizabeth Peyton." the girl said, shaking his hand, deducing him. "What's the name you prefer to be called?"
    "Sherlock." he answers, shrugging off how she knew he hated his name.
    "Well I'm going to call you William though, so I am different to the others." she states, pulling her knees up to her chest.
    Sherlock grins at the girl, shuffling closer to her. "I think we're gonna be the bestest friends."
    "Oh yeah?" she grins.
    "Yeah." he confirms, returning the smile.
    "I've never had a friend."
    "Me neither."
    "This should be interesting, then."
     "Indeed it shall."
    "I like you, William Holmes."
    "And I you, Elizabeth Peyton."
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