The Rainboom

The Rainboom

A new colt is in town and Starlight instantly fell in love. She dosent know what the catch is... Yet.

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Chapter 1.
Catch the eye of another

Catch the eye of another

Its been a month since Starlight got her Cutie Mark. She was walking by when she saw a cute colt walking by. His mane has the warm colors, while the tail has the cool. His fur was red fading to orange fading to yellow. He spotted the alicorn walking toward him. "Hi!" The colt said, blushing. "Hello." Starlight replied, realising he had no Cutie Mark. "Whats your name?" "My name is Rainboom!" The colt said. "Im Starlight." Starlight said. "Want me to show you arround?" "Sure!" Rainboom said. "Im new here anyways."
  "...and this is the Cutie Mark Crusader clubhouse!" Starlight said as she pointed to the cmc clubhouse. "Who is this? We are closing up shop." Sweetie belle said. "This is Rainboom. He is new to ponyville. This was the last stop arround town." Starlight replied.  "Hi, i. Rainboom. As Starlight said, im new! Mrs. Cheerliee said i have the same periods as you. Math, Language arts, art, music, lunch, recess, math, and science. Is that correct?" Asked Rainboom. "That, that, and yep. Thats our classes." Scootaloo checked all of it off with her feather. "See all of you tomorrow!" Sweetie belle said as the cmc and Rainboom went seprate ways, except Starlight and Rainboom. Starlight showed him the way back. "Night." Starlight said. "Night." Rainboom replied. When he closed the door, starlight sped arround in a circle, creating a portal to the multiverse
She went through and entered the one portal to the rift cafe. She went into her channel, pet Twink, and went to bed.

   Today was Rainboom's first day of school. He sat next to Starlight for L.A, science, and music. He sat with the rest of the cmc for the other. "I happened to notice you dont have your cutie mark yet Rainboom." Starlight said after school. "Want to come over to my house?" Asked Rainboom. Starlight blushed. "Sure, why not?"

When they got to Rainboom's house, the went right to his room. The started to do homework. They took a break, and ate peanut butter sandwitches. Starlight got a allergic reaction.

She went to the ponyville hospital. She was threatening to curt herself with a knive. She almost, but went for the clip in her wing. Good think it was clipped, but she got a tiny cut. It wasent bad. The Cmc came over to visit. "Feeling better?" Asked Scootaloo. "Ya." Starlight replied. Rainboom visited after the Cmc left. He had a box of heart chocolates. "I didnt know you were allergic to penut butter. Sorry." Rainboom said, giving Starlight the box of chocolates. "Its fine. I should have said somthing when we were taking the tour." Starlight replied, blushing as Rainboom blushed back. "Want to have a date tomorrow, sugarcube corner sugarcube?" Rainboom asked, realizing what he had said, blushed more. "Sure." Starlight replied.
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