The Silence Of War

in this story you are one of my female fan characters you are on a mission but it goes wrong and leads to a war. you are trying to stop it and recieve some unexpected help please comment what you think of it. I would love to get some feedback on it so i have the inspiration to continue it

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The Dream

"Silence. That's all there is here in this black abyss. There was but only a single soul here until you showed up. So to you dear friend I give my thanks. Although you may be wondering who I am or I should say who I was, I shall tell you that in time but as soon as I know i can trust you. To earn my trust you must preform a task for me. Are you ready? You may want to write this down. First you must find the one who controls fire. Second you are to ask him for The Key Of Souls. Third you must take The Key Of Souls to the one who is the ruler of nightmares. He should give you a small crystal necklace. Fourth you are to take the necklace to the one who is the ruler of the sun. She should give you a vile of clear liquid. You are to bring that vile to me. You must hurry for i am quickly loosing my sanity. If you fail to return then you have failed me, my trust, and yourself. Now go before i completely loose my sanity."
You wake up in a cold sweat and realize that you are in your bed with sunlight pouring in through the open window. You take a deep breath as a small breeze blows through your room.
'What an odd dream I had,' you think to yourself 'I wonder if it means anything?'
You hear a soft knocking on your front door. As you walk to the front door you hear the T.V. turn off and footsteps running toward you. You smile as you see a young fox running to greet you.
"Good afternoon sleepy-head." she grins.
"How on Mobius did you get in here?" you grin as she hugs you.
"I opened the door silly."
"What time is it?"
"About 2:30 in the afternoon."
"And how long have you been here?"
"Since about 1:00 this morning."
"You know that I don't sleep."
"Yeah yeah because you have a sleeping disorder."
"Oh and was there someone at the door a minuet ago?"
"Ummmmm....Im not sure. Why?"
"I thought I heard someone thats all." you say as you walk to the door. As you open it you see a hedgehog with glowing orange fur and swirly red eyes that too glow.
"Greetings." he says calmly.
"Can I help you?"
"Are you the current resident of this apartment?"
"Yes. Why?" you ask suspiciously.
"I ask you to come with me."
"May I ask who you are?"
"My name does not matter."
"Then I refuse to leave." you growl.
"Alright. My name is Fleetway Super Sonic."
"Ok Mr. Fleetway, where are we going?"
"To complete your task."
"What task?!" you ask sharply.
"Remember your dream?"
"How do you know about that?!?!"
"Do not ask questions that you don't want the answer to." he says as he grabs you by the wrist and begins walking.
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