House of monsters

House of monsters

Raven isn't a normal teenage girl. She's trapped in the house of monsters. That's because she is a monster. One night when a group of lost high school students take refuge in the house how will things change for Raven?

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Chapter 1.
Lost students.

Lost students.

Once again I can hear everybody partying downstairs. What can I expect most people here are crazy, it's kind of something you expect to happen when you're a monster. Yeah I'm a monster. Technically a vampire but there isn't much difference. Dracula is my dad, so I'm Dracula's daughter. We do have our similarities but we do look completely different.

As I look in the mirror I decide to go join everyone downstairs. I open my closet and step inside, I look over each item of clothing and eventually decide on a  red velvet mini dress and black platform heels. I sit back down at my dressing table. I brush through my long, dark pink hair and leave it so it touches my waist. I gracefully stand up and leave my room.

Walking down the long corridors I hear the music getting louder. As I get to the section where it over looks the foyer I stand and watch. Just as I am about to make my way down the stairs  the party is interrupted by a loud knock on the door. The music is cut off and everyone stares at my father as he is the owner of the house.

"I shall get this then." My father says to himself, he walks over to the large oak doors and they swing open before him.

I don't catch what the people say but they are invited in, as soon as they have entered everyone knows something is wrong. These people aren't monsters. They're human. High school students if I am right. They look around and stick together. They look at everyone as if they are freaks. As no one is speaking I decide to break the silence.

"Father who are our guests?" I ask, holding on to the wooden railing stopping me from falling.

"Ah Raven come down here please." My father says, only just noticing that I am here.

I move away from the railing and take small steps down the stairs. When I make my way through the staring crowd to my father he tugs my arm and pulls me to the side. He nods at one of our maids who turns the volume of the music back up. As I turn to face my father I see a grin on his face.

"Who are they?" I ask barely able to hear myself above the music.

"They're some human teenagers. They needed hospitality as they broke down in the storm. They have no where else to go." My father tells me.

"Okay so what do you need me for?" I ask, feeling slightly confused.

"Give them floor three as their rooms show them around, be a good hostess." He says, looking around.

I can see the humans all sat at a table watching everybody curiously. The look so innocent and fragile, I suppose that's what humans are.

"Fine I'll do it." I say, with that I turn around and walk over to them.

"Hello, I'm Raven." I say, I almost have to shout over the music. " Sorry if this is a bit loud, I'll show you to your rooms."

They follow me through the crowds of dancers and up the stairs to the corridors. We walk up another two flights of stairs and then we are at their rooms. I tap the doors and let each person have one, as they enter their name appears on the door. They are all fascinated with how this works.

As each of them have a room I stand at the final door with a boy. He smiles at me, his skin looks so delicate. He smells mouthwatering.

"This is your room." I say to him, pushing open the door.

"Thank you." He says politely.

"If you need anything my room is on the top floor, there is an elevator but I wouldn't use it if I were you." I say sweetly.

"Why?" He asks looking worried.

"There is a swarm of ghosts trying to learn how to fly. It's not working so far." I say, as I tell him a grin spreads across his warm face.

For some reason he almost looks cute. How can he, he's human. I don't even know what I'm thinking anymore.

"Well if we are going to be trapped here with you, you need to know my name. I know yours it's Raven so it's only fair you know mine." He says to me, looking straight into my piercing red eyes.

"Okay what is it then?" I ask, becoming nervous in his presence.

"Logan." He tells me, before stepping into his room.

"Well goodnight Logan." I say quietly.

He smiles and I walk away quickly. Why does he make me feel like I could melt? I've never experienced this before in my three thousand years. Something tells me while he is here I am going to have the most fun I have ever had.
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