Doctor Who Spinoff

Doctor Who Spinoff

When the Doctor runs into another Time Lord, what happens? Do they hate each other or... FALL IN LOVE???

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I clip on my watch. A ding rings in my ears. I finish pulling on my clothes, a pair of black jeans and a gray tee shirt. I also grab my leather jacket and pull on my knee high converse. I hop down the hallway whilst lacing up the shoes. I pull on the leather jacket and style my short hair up. I swipe on mascara in the fogged bathroom mirror. I always take a shower before traveling! I tuck the barrel of my sonic hand gun into the waistband of my jeans and use my jacket to cover the handle.
        I press the flashing electric blue button on the dashboard and spin the wheel twice. I thrust the lever forward and then pull out a black button. I pump it three times before a jolt sends me flying backwards. I laugh loudly and sit up. I use the dashboard to steady myself and check my watch.  The time reads October 17th, 2013. I bite my lip. I hope these clothes are acceptable. I run through my checklist and make sure I have my wallet and key.
        I go out of my TARDIS and shut the door. The door clicks. I turn around and see a bustling street ahead of me. I smile widely.
        "Brilliant!" I laugh as I run forward. I stop on the street and watch. People run back and forth between little shops. The roads are filled with people and vehicles. Where am I? I look around for some sort of an identifying landmark. Seeing none, I stop a young boy and girl.
        "Excuse me, but can you tell me where I am?" The little boy looks at the girl and they both laugh.
        "You are in London!" And they latch hands and skip away. London, 2013. It is so much more different than London in 2006. Look at how much the style is changed! I check my watch to make sure it is the year I thought. It is, of course.
        "Doctor, are you kidding me?" I hear a woman's voice yell. I turn, thinking they are talking to me.
        "How did you know who I- Hey get away from there!" I run back to my little telephone box. It is red, a semi-current  model, but the glass isn't real. It just shows what it should look like inside.
        "Why won't this open?" Someone is pulling on the door.
        "Doctor just leave it alone!" The same woman yells.
        "What are you doing?" I demand. They turn slowly to look at me.
        "I need to make a call but the box won't open." He kicks it furiously.
        "I work in that building over there," I lie and point to a large building that I assume is an office building. "It has been out of order for a while so they just locked it up." I walk over and lean against it. "Sorry," I say both to the man and to my ship for letting it be kicked.
        "I see. Can I see your license?" I frown.
        "Liscense for what?" I ask cluelessly.
        "That says you work over there?" He presses.
        "Why does it matter?" He shrugs.
        "I just want to make sure you aren't working for someone... dangerous." There was a hint in there.
        "Impossible," The only person who would say that would be another Time Lord, but I'm the last one, so... I glance over and see a blue Police Box. "That's kind of flashy, don't you think?" I point to it. The woman's eyes grow wide. I look over at the man, who is looking with uncertainty at it. I reach out very cautiously and say, "It really makes a statement." And my hand brushes his.
        I can see into his mind, only momentarily, but he is a Time Lord. When we break away our faces are full of surprise. I stare at him, and take in the brown eyes, wide with surprise and the messed up hair, pointing in every direction, much like mine.
        "This is Rose," He points to the girl he is with. I nod sharply to her. "She is my companion. And you know who I am."
        "And you know me," At the same moment we both become extremely happy and hug.
        "Doctor?" Rose's sturn voice asks.
        "Yeah?" We both answer.
        "This is going to be difficult." I laugh. He nods.
        "So, is yours stuck, or prefured?" He asks.
        "Well, it got stuck on this, but it is a prefurred so I'm fine with it!"
        "It just works like that, I mean look at mine!" He points to the blue box.
        "So you really do just tell anyone?" Rose asks with a serious attitude.
        "Of course not!" He says. He look s at me, and I nod. "She is one of my kind!" He looks truely delighted.
        "But you told me..."
        "And that's what I told myself. I didn't know she existed." He looks at me "Are there more?" I shake my head.
        "Up until two minutes ago I didn't realize you existed. But there might be. They might be in a parallel demension..." I consider this possibility.
        "Well, it was worth a thought!" He laughs. "I'm Jay..." He says slowly. I smile.
        "So that's how you survived. I've heard from my mum you were a strong one, you were a strong family." I laugh. "I'm from Kay." He stares with wide eyes.
        "Your family is... you are... Kay?" I nod proudly. "I can't believe... You posess..." I nod once more.
        "I have DNA compadible with yours that could potentially bring back our entire race, you are correct." I stare at his lit up face. "Of coure, I'm not saying I will, big ears."
        "Oi! That's a bit rude!" I shake my head.
        "Only stating the obvious loudly... Though, It seems you don't need me to speak too loud." He frowns at my genius joke. "Would you mind?" I offer my hand.
        "Of course," And he takes my hand. I scan through his thoughts. As I'm looking he shuts a door.
        "What was that for?" I ask.
        "Something you don't need to be blabbing off to, big mouth." Humor runs through his mind.
        "You think you're so funny don't you? And just because I can fit an entire cookie in there doesn't mean I can't keep a secret." He shrugs and we continue passing information.
        "You sure have been around." He says. I shrug.
        "Yeah, I prefer the past, where things were simple." He nods.
        "Good point," A jolt runs through my head, and I feel it in his too.
        "OW!" We both shout and let go of each other. "What was that?" I think.
        "I'm not sure." He says. I look at him with large eyes.
        "You didn't just..." I stare. "I didn't just..."
        "We just..." I feel like crying.
        "This can't be happening!" I argue.
        "I assure you it is," He says into my mind. I groan.
        "What are you talking about?" Rose asks. I shake my head at Doctor Jay.
        "I really should be going. I think the future is reallly getting to me, you know?" He laughs.
        "Alright, I'll see you around." He smiles widely with white teeth and a wink. I laugh at the thought that runs through his mind.
        "In your dreams!" He continues smiling as I unlock my TARDIS and I wave quickly before stepping in. I turn the dial seven times the opposite direction and pump the black stick nine times. I press the now orange button and the engines start. I sit down and allow the ship to just travel in space.
        He is from the Jay family, one of the strongest warrior families on my planet. My family, Kay family is closely assiciated with the royal families. I'm a cousin in a way. Of the other families, but Jay and Kay, they are the only family with compadible DNA for mating. I can't safely mate with any other of my species except for the Jay family. It would create a poisonous offspring. My species, if we transfer with the correct family it will create offspring. Such as a kiss. But our DNA must decide who is right. And guess what? When our minds connected our DNA decided we are compidable. Thus when we are not in our TARDIS we can hear each other's thoughts. If Doctor Jay and I wanted to, we could bring back our species.
        My ship hits turbulance and I tip over and lie on my side. I laugh and stand up. I pick a planet on my radar and the engines power down. I step out and look at the landscape around me. I hear thoughts pop into my head. Doctor Jay and Rose are on Satelite Five. I shout into his head.
        "Oi, shut up! Your voice gets really annoying!" He laughs back at me.
        "Well, I can hear you breathe, so talk about annoying!" I shake my head and look around some more.
        "Excuse me, but can I ask what planet this is?" I ask a nearby orange child.
        "This is Sandenonia, my fair lady!" Not an orange child, I realize as he licks my hand with a snake-like tongue. The Sandanonian race is very short and very orange. And since men outnumber females, very cheeky. This is not a place for me to be!
        "Sandanonia, ey? Interesting! I didn't even recognise it from out there!" I laugh and look about the city. I see a tall building and turn back to the young man I just spoke to. He smiles widely up at me.
        "What building is that?" I point to it.
        "It's the head of our planet. It holds our government!" I nod.
        "I never met the Sandanonian President, maybe it's about time I did!" And I happily skip off to the building. I shove the glass doors open and gaze upon the white walls. People bustle around little cubicals with stacks of papers. I go to the front desk.
        "Can I help you?" The orange woman at the desk says. Where her eyes are supposed to be are empty black holes, lined in blue. The TARDIS passes information into my mind. She was recently married. When she gets married, her eyes are burnt out of her skull so she can't look upon no other man. It seems like a good idea.
        "Congradulations!" I smile at her. She looks up.
        "Thank you! I wouldn't want to look upon any other man." She smiles. "Can I get you anything?" She asks me.
        "I would like to see the President!" I say with enthusiasm.
        "Do you have an appointment?" She asks and types into her couputer.
        "Actually no, but I am visiting to discuss something important."
        "Well, what's your name?" I frown.
        "I'm the Doctor." She freezes and looks up.
        "As in..."
        "That's me!" I smile.
        "Go right through!" The floor skinks and a door opens.
        "Interesting! So unique!" I walk through and to an elevator. I enter and press the letter "P". The elevator jerks up and moments later the door is opening inside an office.
        "Who are you?" A very tall Sandanovian demands. His veins pulse blue.
        "I'm the Doctor. And I'm pretty sure that isn't supposed to happen!" The President looks at his own arms and jumps.
        "What is going on?"
        "t looks like you are burning from the inside out. What is causing this?" I search the TARDIS' database for a cause. The TARDIS gives me an idea. "You denied that you are feeling..."
        "What are you talking about?" He demands.
        "You fell in love with a woman, but you don't want to accept it because you would have to retire. So now you are burning yourself inside out." I look at him. He looks upset.
        "I don't want to burn out her eyes. Her eyes are so beautiful." He says slowly.
        "You are the president, you can change the law and order all of the women on your planet to have their eyes returned!" I offer the idea.
        "You're right! But..." He falls out of his chair. "You must right it!" And so I run to his projector glass and begin to type furiously the new laws, changing each one to match. I publish it to the congress and type a note to the woman he loves. And I tell her how he feels and to meet her at a diner. I look at the President. I watch the blue slowly retreat to his mouth.
        "Come on, come on..." His lips part and the blue floats out of his mouth and into my eyes. I see what she looks like, every detail. I shake off the feeling and leave in a hurry. I head back to the streets and to the TARDIS. I climb in and change the dial. I send myself to London, 2007. I collapse to the floor, shaking with pain. The blue fire ravages my body and attacks my heart. I let the power out and my body glows orange. And then everything goes black.
        I wake up to a jiggling on the handle on my ship. I shake my head and walk over to the door. I push it open. I walk out, ignoring the people there and checking my watch. Only one day? Not bad.
        I look at the people and see Rose and some other man. I listen to the thoughts.
        "Why couldn't I be a ginger?" Doctor Jay demands. I frown.
        "I'm a ginger?" I feel the long hair around me and look at it. Ginger for sure! "Oh no!" I run into my TARDIS and leave the door open for them. I look into a mirror. "I look horrible!" I complain, touching my face.
        "You look great!" He stands over me and holds my hands. He looks down at my too tight shirt.
        "Not in a million years!" I strut off into the back and shower quickly. I style my hair and then pull on suitable clothes. I pull on a black studded shirt and a pair of blue ripped skinny jeans. I pull on the black satin flats and a leather jacket with silver studs on the shoulders. I put on a full cat eye of eyeliner and some mascara. I walk back out and smile at my guests. I grab a pair of fake nerd glasses and put them on.
        "You look great!" Rose compliments.
        "Down girl, or I'll send you to Sandinonia. Now what was I going to say? Oh yeah..." I pull off my glasses and bite my lip. "Who wants to travel with me?" Doctor Jay's hand shoots up. I laugh.
        "Well, where would we go that our TARDIS can't?" Rose asks Doctor Jay.
        "Well, since you are Doctor Kay, you can switch dementions, right?" I nod.
        "Yes, it is possible, I've been there before." He looks purely happy.
        "Are we able to interact with everyone?" He asks.
        "Yeah, our generation doesn't exist in the third realm. We can." He looks so happy.
        "You just might be my favorite person!" He hugs me close and holds me close.
        "I think I'm going to rest tonight though. I just regenerated, so I'm really tired..." I yawn dramatically.
        "I'm going to go home and see my mum and Mickey." Jay and I both nod. Rose leaves the TARDIS quickly.
        "I'm going to call you Jason, and you can call my Katie." I offer the idea. He agrees.
        "You really are so pretty though!" I shake my head at him. He grabs my arm and spins me. "I know I should do this the old fashion way, but you won't say yes so I'm doing it like this. I love you, honestly. Like real love." And then, he kisses me. Doctor Jay, Jason kisses me. And guess what?

        I liked it.
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One thing: not all of the Timelords go by "Doctor"
on February 24, 2015
Funny spin-off, pretty good.
on September 03, 2014