the dragon

the dragon

dragon what is it my book tell you more ok ha and look my quiz for fun ;3

published on January 13, 20224 reads 3 readers 1 not completed
the origin

the origin

yes the gecko fly it a reptil... yes it a small dragon . the dragon it very i life the prouv it a desandant of the dragon . the dragon it not just grenn noooo , it a all ever color , pink, purple , black , grenn , ( yes grenn it posibel just not just grenn ) blue , wihite , red ect..... it not just fire two , fire , water , plant , ice , butterfly , ect... it simpli .              

the tall it  big and small ,  it cool the dragon  grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

the dragon it incroyabel the dragon it a exited ( the relly tall ) the 10 0000 an it very big

the end
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Comments (1)

A little dragon? I don't think it will be small.
on December 02, 2022