BR: Toby and Broken

When Toby and Broken get caught kissing by Rose and EJ, they try to hide their feelings. But everybody knows... And what will happen when Offendy takes the threat to heart. What will happen to Rose's life, and friendships?

published on January 27, 201625 reads 5 readers 0 not completed
Chapter 1.

The Aftershock

"EJ? Rose? What are you doing here?" Broken was shocked. "We were just passing by. Saw you two... Um." Broken blushed harder. "I was... Just... Darn." Toby walked out, and EJ followed him. Broken sat, down, still in shock. "Hey." Broken turned red. "You spied on us!" Rose denied it. "If we were spying, would EJ openly cough? No. I'd throw him into a river before he could." Broken nodded. "Now that you know, are you going to tell anyone?" Rose cleared her throat. "Everyone already does. You two have been going out. It's kind of cute." Broken paled. "Was it that obvious?"
When they got home, Jane pulled her to the side. "It's happening." Rose nodded. "Good." When they turned, they saw Broken in tears. "Really? I'm becoming one of you?" Rose nodded. She held her shoulders. "What ever you do, do not take a step when it's over. Fall back. It may be extremely painful, so you might pass out, but don't resist it. It going to hurt. But, after this, you can be immortal! Almost... Anyway." Broken was confused. "If you get extremely hurt, you can die. But you still heal twice as fast as humans."
When all was said and done, Broken was ready to become one of them. Everyone changed the same chant they did for Rose, and when it was over, she fell back. Rose caught her. Masky grabbed her back. "Gotcha." He pulled her, and it was awkward. "Umm. Thanks, Masky." Toby grabbed one of Broken's arms. "Let's get her in her room." They dragged her back halfway, when Slendy picked her up with two tentacles. "I got her." He put her in her bed, and Toby volunteered to stay and watch.
Everyone went outside, and got back in the living room. Rose shouted, "Toby and Broken kissed!" Jane gasped. "What?" EJ laughed. "Who saw that coming?" Jane recovered. "Broken asked Toby to gorge an eye out, and he did. Their eyes locked. Toby blushed. Then, Broken pulled his mask down and kissed him." She ended lamely. Jane giggled, and asked, "What happened next?" Rose playfully hit EJ. "EJ coughed, and they saw us." Jane got up and pushed EJ playfully. "It could've continued!" EJ laughed.
Toby stuck his head outside. "I can hear you!" Everyone laughed.
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